Glitter in Shanghai-Glitter Gala 2017 for SickKids Hospital

words:Summer Yang

The 4th Annual Glitter Gala was an elegant evening in support of The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). This year’s theme was Glitter in Shanghai(previously Glitter in Macau) and invited guests to get a taste of the ‘Sleepless City.’ Fallsview Casino Resort, the Justin Poy Agency, Manulife, TD, the Chinese Cabinet and other supporters of SickKids gathered at the lavish Arcadian Court for an evening of glamour, fabulous food as well as beverages.

Glitter in Shanghai Gala 2017 for Sickkids Foundation
Glitter in Shanghai Gala 2017 for Sickkids Foundation

Over $325,000 was raised during the event to benefit The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). This year, SickKids patient ambassador Emily Hui attended and shared her talent as a way to give back to the hospital that provided her with world-class care in 2000.

Frank Luk, as the Honorary Chair of Glitter and Co-Chair of the Chinese Cabinet, welcomed guests by giving an opening speech on the shared vision between The Chinese community and the children of SickKids: To give hope, afford them the best opportunities, and help build a better future for all. The Chinese Initiative supports the new SickKids Greater China Partnership where SickKids shares expertise and research discoveries to build capacity across the globe.

The funds raised during Glitter Gala 2017 will go towards the hospital’s needs in new operating rooms that will lessen the pain of Canadian patients as well as create a better environment for Chinese surgeons to study in Canada.

The great cause attracted people who are passionate and more than willing to help raise funds. Memorable moments during the event include seeing world-renowned soprano Xiao Ping Hu perform. A few professionally trained dancers performed throughout the evening as well: 20-year-old Richard Lifshitz and 19-year-old Laura Robinson are a Professional Latin Couple. They have competed in International competitions all over the world. Andrew Timchenko and Barbara Smodleva were among other talented dancers who performed Latin. The committee member of the Glitter, Sue Tang and Peter Kwok, also joined the ballroom dancing at the event as they developed a passion for ballroom dancing after their retirement a few years back.

Throughout the night, VIP and guests had the chance to try their luck at casino blackjack tables, enjoyed fresh-shucked oysters from Oyster XO girls, tasted Chatime bubble teas and snapped memorable moments with friends at Pixel Booth Toronto.

(photos by Terrence)

We would like to thank SickKids Foundation for the invitation to the 4th Annual Glitter fundraising gala.

Glitter in Shanghai 2017 was truly an evening to remember.

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