City Moguls Runway Show Toronto 2019

City Moguls Runway Show 2019 / 多倫多2019年City Moguls創業新貴及傑出領導家時裝走秀

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The fourth annual City Moguls Runway Show was held at the Toronto Event Centre, with over 800 guests in attendance. Founded in 2016 by Dani Kagan, Victoria Marshman, and Monica Gold, City Moguls has raised over $125,000.00 for Toronto charities.

中文版 / Chinese version:

第四屆年度City Moguls多倫多 Toronto Event Centre活動中心舉行,出席人數超過800人。 City MogulsDani KaganVictoria MarshmanMonica Gold於2016年創立,自創始以來,已為多倫多慈善機構籌集了超過$ 125,000.00加幣的資金。

  • This year, Covenant House was the chosen charity. Funds raised from the 2019 City MOGULS Runway Show help Covenant House‘s programs for at-risk youth ages 16-24. These programs include 24/7 crisis shelter and transitional housing, health care, counselling, education, job training and assistance.

中文版 / Chinese version:

今年活動所選擇幫忙募款的慈善機構為Covenant House。2019年City MOGULS時裝秀籌集資金予Covenant House幫助16-24歲的青年,其方案包括整週全天24小時庇護所和過渡性住宿、健保、諮商、教育、職業培訓和援助等。

  • The 由為大眾

The show was hosted by David Keystone ( award-winning tv host and co-creator of CBC’s Small Talk), and Nicole Servinis (Breakfast Television Live Eye Reporter for Breakfast Television)

中文版 / Chinese version:

今年的節目由David Keystone(屢獲殊榮的電視主持人暨CBC節目Small Talk的聯合創始人)和Nicole ServinisBreakfast Television現場直播記者)主持。

2019 City Moguls list / 2019年被選出的City Moguls傑出創業家及領導名單如下:

Allen Lau, Wattpad
Arslan Amin, Clean Meals
David Steckel, Setter
Ilana Ben-Ari, Twenty One Toys
Isaac Olowolafe, Dream Maker Inc.
James Yurichuk, Wuxly

Jeff Goldenberg, Abacus
Jennifer Lau, Fit Squad
Joanna Griffiths, Knix
Karine Rashkovsky, Brain Power
Katie Zeppieri, Girl Talk Empowerment
Kyle Macdonald, Capitalize for Kids

La-toya Fagon, Celebrity Chef
Nicholas Chepesiuk, OnCall Health
Mani Jassal, Creative Director, Mani Jassal
Myles Sexton, Content Creator
Matei Olaru, Lift & Co.
Sage Paul, artistic director Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto

Taylor Frankel, Nudestix
Sunny Verma, Tutor Bright

  • The MOGULS were dressed in clothing by Canadian designers Andrew

Coimbra, Christopher Bates, Zane Barlas, Tara Rivas, Lesley Hampton, Hilary MacMillan, Mani Jassal and Surmesur. They all looked fantastic.

中文版 / Chinese version:

今年被選出的OGULS,經由加拿大本地設計師Andrew Coimbra、Christopher Bates、Zane Barlas、Tara Rivas、Lesley Hampton、Hilary MacMillan、Mani Jassal和Surmesur等人著裝造型,讓成功的光環看起來更加亮眼。

City Moguls Runway Show Toronto 2019 / 多倫多2019年City Moguls創業新貴及傑出領導家時裝走秀
City Moguls Runway Show Toronto 2019 / 多倫多2019年City Moguls創業新貴及傑出領導家時裝走秀


were fantastic dance performances from World of Dance Finalist, Derek Piquette, Allexa Schabel and Nicole Rosove.

There was also an onstage battle between beatboxer Scott Jackson and Hitmen Drumline.

中文版 / Chinese version:

除了服裝秀外,主辦單位也準備了五星級的娛樂活動,邀來舞蹈競賽節目「World of Dance」的決賽入圍者Derek PiquetteAllexa SchabelNicole Rosove表演,精彩絕倫。

Scott JacksonHitmen Drumline也當場在舞台上進行了一場激烈的Beatbox(節奏口技)戰鬥。

  • After the runway show had ended, the afterparty kicked in with hip hop

singer/producer Karl Wolf. He performed his hit songs, including Africa and Yella Habibi. He had the audience on their feet and dancing away.

City Moguls Runway Show Toronto 2019 / 多倫多2019年City Moguls創業新貴及傑出領導家時裝走秀
Karl Wolf at City Moguls Runway Show Toronto 2019 /
Karl Wolf在多倫多2019年City Moguls創業新貴及傑出領導家時裝走秀

中文版 / Chinese version:

走秀結束後,超紅嘻哈歌手兼製片人Karl Wolf親自出場與來賓近距離接觸,並在現場演唱主打歌「Africa」 和「Yella Habibi」。他專業的勁歌熱舞炒熱了氣氛,讓現場觀眾忍不住一起嗨起來跳舞。

Guests got to experience the Gift Bar with products worth over $150.00 from vendors / 禮品區,賓客體驗了價值超過$150加幣的產品超值供應,包括 :

philosophy, nud snacks, Living Lux, Burberry, Nudestix, Salon Dew, Bathorium, Bourjois Paris, Mind-Day Squares, Toronto Popcorn Company, Vent Blow Dry Bar and The Scented Market. There was also a Nail and Champagne bar from TNCB and crystals and gemstones from Hoame.

  • No one went home hungry with delicious food from the Food Dudes,

Patricia’s Cake Creations, Julia’s Joyful Kitchen, Burger Revolution, Cured, For Real Dough and the most incredible smorgasbord display of sweets and charcuterie. For drinks, there were lots to try, including Revel Indulgence Poptails, Ironwood Hard Cider, The Hare Wine Co., Mill Street Brewery, Rouge River Brewing Co., Steam Whistle and Iceberg Vodka.

中文版 / Chinese version:

當然在勁歌熱舞後,貼心的主辦單位也顧及到來賓的肚子,沒有讓賓客消耗熱量完後餓肚子回家,食物的供應商有Food Dudes、Patricia’s Cake Creations、Julia’s Joyful Kitchen、Burger Revolution、CuredFor Real Dough和超浮誇擺盤的自助甜點和冷熱盤美味佳餚。飲料由Revel Indulgence Poptails、 Ironwood Hard Cider、 The Hare Wine Co. 、Mill Street Brewery、 Rouge River Brewing Co. 、 Steam Whistle 和 Iceberg Vodka為大家解渴助興。


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