Limelens Review – Fisheye and Macro/Wide Lenses for Your Smartphone

Limelens – Fisheye Lens and Macro/Wide Lens for Your Smartphone

Pictures speak louder than words. This is evident in the digital world with the rapid growth of digital image sharing platforms, their users, and the ridiculous numbers of followers of “smartphone photographers.”

The technology for cellphone cameras is advancing fast, and people are less willing to spend money on conventional cameras (point-and-shoot? What is that?). According to Japan’s Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA)’s data, camera sales have reduced from 120 Million units in 2010 to 30 Million units in 2015.

With almost everybody owning a cellphone, smartphone apps and accessories are high in demand, especially those that maximize users’ photographic potentials. However, demand goes up, supply follows, but quality drops.

As a frequent traveller, I like to travel light, and I’m always eager to share my experiences with you all. To ditch my DSLR (too bulky) and GoPro (why is it always out of battery?), I’ve tried many mobile camera apps and after effects apps, only to return with regrets, because my cellphone alone simply couldn’t do the job.
Discovering Limelens was probably the best thing that happened to me before I went on my trip to Quebec.

What is Limelens?

Limelens offers a pair of smartphone lenses, including a dual macro/wide lens (The Thinker) and a 190-degree fisheye lens (The Captain); and for a price within reach of the masses, Limelens provides superior quality.

Boasting incredible framing capabilities, the lenses exceed the limitations of a smartphone’s built-in camera by providing a greater choice of angles and composition, and capture intricate details that a smartphone camera cannot achieve on its own.

User Experience

Attaching Limelens to the phone/tablet is easy. The package comes with a Limeclip that sticks to the back of the device and connects the lenses, and an alignment disk to ensure the Limeclip is placed properly. The instructions are easy and the clip fits over 40 leading smartphones and tablet devices including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, Sony Z series, and even Huawei Mate 7.
I am a phone dropper so in my case, I simply had to trace Limeclip out on my iPhone case and cut it, like this:

iphone 6 case

I love taking pictures of landscapes and I had the most fun shooting with The Captain, the lens not only captures a 190° angle, it also creates an artsy effect.

iPhone 6s photos without “The Captain” vs. with “The Captain”:

Unpacking Limelens & shooting artsy video with The Captain:

(the video is missing a Limeclip because I’d already attached it to my phone prior to shooting)


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