德克斯先生牛排 – 平安夜裡的平價牛排館 / Mr. Texas Steak Taipei – A Spontaneous Christmas Eve at a Cheap Steakhouse

德克斯先生牛排 – 平安夜裡的平價牛排館 / Mr. Texas Steak Taipei – A Spontaneous Christmas Eve at a Cheap Steakhouse

(scroll down for English version / 英文版向下看)

(English translarion by Tanya / 英譯:殘編)


English version / 英文版:
On an unplanned Christmas Eve, I spontaneously decided to jump out of my comfort zone and went to Mr. Texas Steak, a cheap Steakhouse located in Taipei‘s Xin Zhuang District. The unremarkable salad bar In the corner of the restaurant was a bit disappointing. However, from the owner’s proud attitude when taking our orders, I sensed that it has more to offer. I was right; for a “cheap steakhouse,” the ingredients of this steakhouse are not sloppy at all.
Diners from all walks of life dine in this steakhouse, and we were lucky enough to witness a couple’s reality show in real-life that happened right beside us.


The stylish customer at Mr. Texas Steakhouse Taipei xinzhuang 德克斯先生牛排台北新莊

English version / 英文版:
Not long after we took our seats, a fashionable young lady dressed in a red coat and red beret hat walked in. Her whole outfit screamed style. The owner was exceptionally polite and patient when taking her order. In contrast, we felt we were being rushed when we ordered and didn’t even get the chance to read the full menu before they were snapped away from our hands. I guess my mom was right, “out in the real world, people get fed based on their social norms. Just as we were starting to feel a bit bitter, the lady took out her phone. It seemed like she was guiding her friend on the other end on the way to the restaurant. I pictured a dapper man on the other end of the phone. It turns out the friend was just an ordinary man dressed in blah clothes.

  • 八點擋似的加菜的真人小劇場 / The Drama:

男:這家有那麽好嗎?妳說中誠路 明明是中誠街。

Diners at Mr. Texas Steakhouse Taipei xinzhuang 德克斯先生牛排台北新莊

English version / 英文版:
Man:” What’s good about this restaurant? You said Zhongcheng “Road,” it’s Zhongcheng ‘Street.'”
Woman: “What’s the difference? There’s only one street named “Zhongcheng” here!”
Man: “Do you know that I had to take the bus for more than an hour to come here?”
Woman: “I came by bus, too!”
Man (gets up): “I lost my appetite.”
I tried to cool them down by saying, “Come on, guys, it’s Christmas Eve.”
The “ungentle” man stormed out and never returned. Leaving the lady dining by herself.
The real-life drama left me wondering if they were couples or on a first-time Tinder date.
The reality show was a bummer on Christmas Eve. However, the father and son dining at the table behind us warmed our hearts again.



English version / 英文版:
Judging by the dad’s darker skin complexion and clothing, I guessed he’s most likely a blue-collar worker. His conversation on the phone later proved me right. He was a blue-collar worker from Southeast Asia. His little boy sat across him. His order was the children’s special. The children’s meal consists of only noodles and vegetables, without meat. The little boy ate his food with table manners while his dad carefully cuts his lamb chops into small pieces and place them into his son’s plate. The little boy stared at the precious little lamb chops for a good while before cherishingly feeding them into his mouth. The scene brought tears to my eyes, hoping the mother is also having a blessed Christmas Eve.
I hope everyone had a merry Christmas!

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