台灣當地超級食材「台灣山藥(台灣懶趴)天然食療法 / Taiwan Local Produce Super Food “Taiwanese Yam (aka. Taiwanese “Lan Pa/ Taiwan Penis”)

台灣當地超級食材「台灣山藥(台灣懶趴)天然食療法 / Taiwan Local Produce Super Food “Taiwanese Yam (aka. Taiwanese “Lan Pa/ Taiwan Penis”)

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Back in Toronto, we often hear the term “superfood.” One day you hear “broccoli,” the next big thing is “kale,” then wild blueberries,” which our team at Fashion Ecstasy takes part in promoting every year. Health-conscious consumers are constantly looking for new superfoods to incorporate into their diet. While I try my best to maintain a healthy diet, but I’ve got to be honest. Some superfoods are just tasteless and make you feel like a cow eating grass while you’re at it, like the confusing “quinoa.”

中文版 / Chinese version:
以前在多倫多時,西方文化風靡「超級食材」一詞,意指「對我們身體超級健康食材。 而專家媒體也不斷鑽研、推廣這些知識給大眾。今天是花椰菜西蘭花),隔一陣子的夯的是「羽衣甘藍(又稱:無頭甘藍海甘藍)」,還有我們時尚高潮團隊每年都在推廣的「野生藍莓」。 注重健康消費者不停的在尋找新的超級食材來融入自己的飲食。 雖然殘編自認為吃的比一班人健康,也會跟風最新專家推廣的「超級食材」,但老實說,有些「超級食材」還真是食之無味,讓人感覺自己像一頭牛在吃草,例如令殘編至今還超困惑的「藜麥」。

  • No More Travelling Abroad for Super Food, Yam Produced Locally in Taiwan / 不用出國,在台灣當地就能吃到的健康超級食材:

One of the reasons that Japan is always one of my favourite countries when people ask me which country is my favourite as a world traveller is because Japan boasts some of the yummiest unique superfoods that I enjoy eating. For example, the oh-so-healthy natto (fermented soybeans), slimy Japanese yam, tasty “umeboshi (salted, pickled plums)” each having enough flavours to go with a bowl of rice, and Okinawa‘s specialty, sea grapes (“umibudo“) that pop and explosion flavours of the sea in your mouth.

中文版 / Chinese version:
身為走過45個國家旅行家,每當別人問我最喜歡哪個國家時,日本之所以始終是我最喜歡的國家之一的原因是因為日本擁有很多天然獨特超級食材,而且每一樣都超級美味。 例如當地人都會逼你吃的超健康納豆、像鼻涕一樣黏糊糊的日本山藥(”山芋”)、一顆足以配上一碗白飯的「醃製梅乾(“梅干し”)」,以及放進嘴裡就會「啵、啵、啵」將海洋滋味口爆滿嘴的沖繩特產:「海葡萄」(“海ぶどう”) ”)。

  • Ignore the Snot-like Slimy Texture, Focus on The Health Benefits / 有助身體健康的鼻涕口感:

Despite the snot-like slimy texture, Japanese yam has been one of my must orders since a local introduced me to it at my first Izakaya in Japan. However, I never hear the locals here talk about superfoods, which doesn’t necessarily mean Taiwanese are less health-conscious, but they’re media-driven. Being hospitalized here for over half a year, I see ill patients spending fortunes buying top-shelf brand-named health supplements instead of changing their diet or incorporating healthier foods into their meals.

中文版 / Chinese version:
儘管日本山藥質地口感鼻涕一樣黏糊,但自從殘編赴日被當地人帶去第一家當地居酒屋後,日本山藥從此就是我每次去日式居酒屋的必須點的菜色之一。 奇怪的是,儘管台灣的婆婆媽媽有多愛討論病痛健康等話題,我卻從未聽過當地人討論超級食材的話題。 殘編台灣住院半年多,看到很多病友即便病痛纏身,也不願改變飲食或在平常飲食中加入一些健康食材。不知是缺乏常識還是被媒體驅動,寧可從花大錢購買頂級品牌的保健產品下手。

  • Discovering Taiwanese Yam (aka. Taiwanese “Lan Pa (Penis),” A Superfood that Puts a Lewd Smile on Our Faces / 發現又名「懶趴」的台灣山藥,連嚴肅的殘媽都色色的笑

A few days ago. My mom came home excited after a trip to the local market. My mom is a highly-educated professor and a serious person, so I’ve never seen her with such a salacious smile on her face. “Oh, am I finally getting a step-dad,” I thought. “What’s up with that smile,” I asked. With the same lewd smile, she answered, “Guess what I got today?” “Did you get me a step-dad?” “No, I got a Taiwaneselanpa (which means “penis” in Taiwanese).” She hastily takes a massive piece of local produce out of the plastic bag with her tremoring hands with much excitement. I’ve seen many penises in my life, but I’ve never seen a Taiwanesepenis” so big. It was a piece of Taiwanese yam. “Us insiders call this Taiwaneselanpa (penis),” the vendor whispered when recommending it to her.
The one we have in the video doesn’t do justice to the origin of the name. A real Taiwaneselanpa (dick)” is actually shaped into two humongous ball-shaped yams with a pointy tip. However, I’ve searched all over the internet and couldn’t get an image of a real Taiwaneselanpa.” If you can, please leave a link in the comments below.

中文版 / Chinese version:
One block of Taiwaneselanpa (penis)”is big enough to feed us three days. Judging by the texture, crispy and even slimier than Japanese yam, I think it could even be healthier than the superfood Japanese yam.

中文版 / Chinese version:
一顆「台灣懶趴」大小足以餵食我們三天。 讓殘編驚訝的是台灣山藥竟比我們一直列為最健康的「超級食材」之一的日本山藥口感來得更黏膜也更多更殘編估計它甚至可能比超級食品日本山藥健康

  • Health Benefits if Taiwanese Yam / 台灣山藥對身體的益處:

The Compendium of Materia Medica (Bencao Gangmu), aka. Great Pharmacopoeia) has been the bible and ultimate guide of Chinese medicine since China‘s Ming Dynasty in 1578.

This all-time Chinese herbology bible lists a total of over six benefits to eating yam, including:

  1.  Improve the spleen and stomach functions to aid digestion.
  2. Improve renal insufficiency, spermatorrhea, and abnnormal vaginal discharge.
  3.  The saponin, which creates the mucus content in yam, provides lubricating and moisturizing effects, which can be beneficial to the lungs and relieve cough symptoms.
  4. The mucus protein in yam plays the role of lowering  blood sugar and can help treat diabetes.
  5.  The mucus protein, vitamins, and trace elements in yams can effectively slow down the precipitation of lipids in the vascular wall, calm the nerves and contribute to longevity.
  6. Yam can help treat hepatic comas.


  1. 益腎氣
  2. 健脾胃
  3. 止泄痢
  4. 化痰涎
  5. 潤皮毛

I hope after reading this post, our readers will come to realize that instead of popping health supplements like an addict, maintaining a healthy diet is the ultimate way to maintaining health. Today, we introduce you to Taiwanese yam. I will continue to discover other local super foods that can be bought locally in Taiwan. If you don’t want to miss it, remember to subscribe (free subscription) to our blog via the right sidebar by entering your Email, then check your mailbox for the confirmation email, click the “Confirm subscription” to complete the subscription process (do not use the pop-up widget in the lower left corner to subscribe, it doesn’t work)

中文版 / Chinese version:

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