The 7th annual Pan American Food and Music Festival Toronto 2019 

The 7th annual Pan American Food and Music Festival Toronto 2019  /多倫多Pan American Festival (又稱「PanAm 節」)2019食品音樂節

by Sally Warburton
(中文版看下面/ Scroll down for Chinese version)

Pan American Food and Music Festival ( Pan Am Fest) Toronto 2019 Pan American Festival (又稱「PanAm 節」)2019食品音樂節
Pan American Food and Music Festival ( Pan Am Fest) Toronto 2019
Pan American Festival (又稱「PanAm 節」)2019食品音樂節

The 7th annual Pan American Food and Music Festival 2019 is taking place in Toronto on August 17 & 18.  And we can’t wait!!  Yonge Dundas Square in downtown Toronto will once again be alive with activities!  The festival will be celebrating the best in food from the Pan American countries with food demos from international chefs, dance performances, live music and cooking competitions. The Pan American Market will have merchandise, crafts, novelties and a wide selection of food from North, South & Central America and the Caribbean. All the events are free for all at Yonge Dundas Square.

(中文版看/ Chinese version):

七屆年度的Pan American 食品音樂節將在2019年8月17日和18日在多倫多舉行。我們時尚高潮的團對已經等不及了!多倫多市中心的Yonge Dundas廣場將因此活動再次活躍起來!該節慶將慶祝全美洲最棒的美食,特別是拉丁美洲加勒比海各國美國和加拿大。活動將包括國際名廚所帶來的美食演示、舞蹈表演、現場音樂演奏和烹飪比賽來慶祝來自美洲的美食。Pan American市場集將有來自北美洲南美洲中美洲以及加勒比地區的商品包括工藝品、新奇產品和各種食品。Pan American Festival在Yonge Dundas Square所辦的所有活動均免費。

  • It’s exciting that the focus of the food demos and cooking

is in line with the new Canada’s Food Guide– promoting healthy lifestyles – with the theme Enjoying a Healthy LifestyleMary Luz Mejia, the Culinary Curator, has a line-up of 30 chefs demonstrating healthy, sustainable shopping and lots of techniques for cooking to easily use at home.

(中文版/ Chinese version):
令人興奮的是,這次食物和烹飪展示的重點將與新出的加拿大食品指南的標題一樣:「食得健康,生活更好」一致推廣「健康飲食與生活」,主題是享受健康的生活方式。 烹飪策展人Mary Luz Mejia請來了30名廚師一起來展示健康、環保購物和許多烹飪技巧,還有一些在家中輕鬆運用的烹飪小撇步。

  • New this year are two events –

the “Empanada Armada Competition” and “Superheroes of Ceviche.”  Audiences will be able to see demos, sample and vote on healthy food from six chefs from Pan American countries. Sounds delicious!

(中文版/ Chinese version):
今年令人期待的兩新活動包括  Empanada Armada餐廳」所帶來的比賽和「Ceviche超級英雄」。「Ceviche超級英雄」將多倫多六位做CEVICHE檸檬汁醃生魚)的權威大廚聚集在同一屋簷下現場做出獨家的「檸檬汁醃生魚」。

  • A favourite of the festival is back!  At the Yonge Dundas Square stage

there will be two days of continuous music and for the first time – the Pan American Star Contest for amateur singers and performers. Cuba’s music is being emphasized in addition to other Pan American countries. The Latin Band Festival will have salsa and merengue. The folkloric groups of Pan American Parade will represent traditional music and dance. Dance for all the family! Zumba, Capoeira and Salsa dance lessons for all ages!

(中文版/ Chinese version):
節日中關中最受大眾期待的節目也回歸了!Yonge Dundas Square舞台上,將連續兩天現場演奏音樂。除此之外再加碼:PANAM將第一次舉辦「業餘歌手和表演者」的歌唱表演大賽。主題將著重於美洲音樂,其由「古巴音樂」為一亮點。拉丁樂隊音樂節將有和薩爾薩舞/騷莎舞(Salsa)和梅倫格舞merengue)的展現。Pan American 遊行的民間團體將會在遊行中表演傳統音樂和舞蹈。所有觀眾不分年齡,都歡迎加入遊行當場跟老師學尊巴 (Zumba卡波耶拉Capoeira

  • To start the festival there is a private Opening Reception

on Friday, August 16th. Tickets are available for $50 at . Showcased will be the delicious cuisine of Cuban chefs and musical performances at Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas Street East, Toronto). The 7th annual Pan American Food and Music Festival 2019 promises to be a fantastic event for foodies, travellers, families, dance and music enthusiasts… See you there!

(中文版 / Chinese version):
了隆重揭幕今年的Pan American Festival節日,8月16日(星期五)將有一個私人開幕酒會趴踢。門票價格為50加幣,欲購票請上。派對將在在多倫多Daniels Spectrum 舉辦(585 Dundas Street East),活動會展示古巴廚師的美味佳餚和音樂表演。2019年第七屆 Pan American Festival 美食音樂節2019年將成為美食家、旅行者、家庭、舞蹈和音樂愛好者必參加的精彩活動……咱們在那裡見!

A Sneak Peek at the Food at Pan American Food & Music Festival 2019 / 偷窺2019年 Pan American Festival 美食音樂節會呈現的食物:

these  are 2 delicious previews of  sounding recipes from 2 chefs who will be serving at the event:


  1. Spicy Tako (Octopus) Poke by Chef Erwin Joaquin, Big E Hawaiian Grinds / Chef Erwin Joaquin大廚所準備的「章魚夏威夷魚生飯」:

2. Guatemalan-style Shrimp Ceviche by Mirelle Blassnig / Mirelle Blassnig大廚將呈現的「瓜地馬拉風檸檬汁醃生蝦」:

2.  Guatemalan-style Shrimp Ceviche by Mirelle Blassnig, @Cocina de Alvarez
Guatemalan-style Shrimp Ceviche by Mirelle Blassnig / Mirelle Blassnig大廚將呈現的「瓜地馬拉風檸檬汁醃生蝦」

For more info on Pan American Food & Music Festival 2019 and the 2 day schedule of events visit / 更多PanAm Festival 2019訊息跟詳細時刻表請上:

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