The Artist Project 2019 Toronto

The 12th annual Artist Project 2019 was held at the Better Living Centre, Toronto Exhibition Place. This year’s event brought over 300 Canadian and international artists and talents under one roof, exhibiting over 5000 pieces of artworks.

Upon entering the fair, the front entrance installation caught our attention. Ancestrale II, 2019 by Pauline Loctin (aka Miss Cloud). This piece celebrates the life breathed by the spirit of our ancestors, and that has carried us throughout the generations.

The installation presented by OCAD University’s Centre for Emerging Artists and Designers was Video: Game// A Separate Memory Demands Retracing by Yuling Chen. This was inspired by memories of playing games during her childhood.

Sleeping Apart installation by Shay Saleh & Adam Giroux showed the challenges of distance within intimate relationships. Proposed Heights 2019 by Chris Harms reinterpreted the carefreeness of swings in a playground. Mirrors of Colour 2019 by Dania Al- Obaidi was made form encaustic wax and showed how colours are pieces of personality reflection. The Golden Summer 2018 by Qahtan Alameen was a tribute to summers of the past.

MARTKD X SWATCH had artists Andres Correa, Anwar Cushnie, Eric (Tigz) Tigley, Gordon Rowe and Omar Hopkinson redesigning running shoes, creating them into unique art pieces.

There was so much to see and experience throughout the fair. Art Chats seminars included ” Is a Woman’s Brushstroke Worth Less Than a Man’s” with Pegah Kargar & Jessica Tan, Repaint History, “What is the Role of Studio Spaces in the Artistic Community” moderated by Akin Co-Directors, artists Michael Vickers and Oliver Pauk , “The Experience of Collecting Art” with Taiga Lipson of Olga Korper Gallery and Devan Patel of Patel Gallery and ” Beyond Therapy: Art in Health Care“, presented by Workman Arts and moderated by Justina Zatzman.

Art Walks were offered to attendees throughout the fair and were based on the topics of geometry in art, art and the environment, digital and analog and exploration of artistic mediums.
Art Battle Canada hosted the live competitive painting series with 13 artists creating their most dynamic work in 20 minutes.

Untapped Emerging Artists Competition was presented by DeSerres and had 20 of Canada’s best up and coming artists who were given the space (at no cost) to show their works.

The 2019 Swatch Artist Competition had competitors present their interpretation on this year’s theme of Self-Portrait.

Some of the pieces that we also really enjoyed were by artists Phil Carriere, Eileen Tichauer, Jason Soule, Morgan Jones, Jack D, Sarah Hillock, Zoe Lefort, Felicia Cirstea, and Marcelo Suaznabar.

At The Artist Project 2019 Opening Night party, there was food and beverages from Madrina, Tabule, Hogtown Smoke, Gladstone Hotel, Kannuk Vodka, Ace Hill, Social Lite Vodka, Steamwhistle Brewery, Leftfield and Just Craft Soda, The music was provided by DJ Sandy Duperval and DJ Flavia Abadia.

It was an incredible fair and we look forward to Artist Project 2020.

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