Top 5 Classic Couples Costume Ideas

If you have an impending costume party to attend, it may take you a while to decide on how to dress up. If you are going with a partner, dressing up as a famous couple is always a fun idea. If you are going alone, you might be thinking of something simpler and easier. There are hundreds of costume ideas out there. You can even look on Pinterest to find some inspiration. In case you are really stuck, we give you a list of the top five classic couples costumes of all time:

1. Fred and Wilma – Why do these two cartoon favorites make such great costume opportunities? The outfits are easy and eye-catching. Fred is effective in an orange one-piece, and a nice excuse for men to wear a dress without being judged. Wilma, perhaps the most glamorous cartoon female (after Jessica Rabbit, of course!), simply wears a white dress. If you are going as a group of four, this one lends itself to a Barney and Betty double up.

2. Marge and Homer – Cartoon characters are doing well in the Simpsons! These icons have been on our screens for over twenty years, and still remain one of the most popular families on TV. Homer is a very easy character to put together. A simple white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of blue trousers will do. Your man may need a little extra padding around the middle to pull off the Homer posture though! As for Marge, the blue hair will always be a challenge without a wig. You can look at places like for inspiration when it comes to choosing your costume.

marge simpson

image from Philip Kromer on Flickr


3. Batman and Catwoman – This one has been made popular by the guys. Let’s face it, they have the best costumes of both genders! If you are willing to dress up as a comic book character, to dress up as one of the sexiest female comic book characters will surely keep your man happy. Dressing up as Batman may be something every little boy has done, but may also be something most grown men would turn their noses up at! But hey, at least you are both in masks, so you have a chance to deny that it’s really you on Facebook!

4. Neo and Trinity from The Matrix – After so many years, the great couple is still a firm favorite. There are only two rules for choosing a coat for these two – long and black! You will also need slick short, black hair and a pair of sunglasses to finish off this cool look. One of those funny Nokia phones that slides out may be a handy prop to take along (if you can still find ’em).

5. Robin Hood and Maid Marion – Always a romantic pairing, at least you get a chance to wear a lovely medieval princess dress. Your man will need to get his tights on for this one, and hopefully green is just his colour. If you are going for props, Robin needs a bow and arrow, and a seriously silly hat. For you, enjoy getting the upper hand in this pairing, and have fun perfecting your posh English accent.

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