Toronto’s first-ever Movie Expo 2019 / 多倫多史上第一屆電影博覽會

Toronto’s first-ever Movie Expo 2019 / 多倫多史上第一屆電影博覽會

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(Photos:Sally, Article: Sari)

The Movie Expo made its debut in Toronto at the Enercare Centre this fall. Hollywood and Hollywood North came together for three days. This is the first-ever trade show of its kind in this city, and it brought together industry players and movie lovers to learn and connect on all areas of film.

( 中文版/ Chinese version)

多倫多史上第一屆電影博覽會The Movie Expo)於今年2019年秋天在Enercare中心首次亮相,由好萊塢Hollywood North聯手合作三天舉辦。這是多倫多有史以來第一次此類的貿易展覽,它將電影製片業參與電影愛好者齊聚一堂,進行教育和推廣電影業所有領域的交流。

Film Industry Workshops, Seminars and Network Opportunities / 電影製片業講習、研討會和與交流機會

  • There were many workshops, seminars and networking opportunities going on throughout the weekend. Guests got to attend panels separated into the areas of Pre-Production, Production on Set, and Post-Production Magic.

The panels were led by industry experts who shared their experiences and knowledge.

Here is a sampling of some of the panels:

( 中文版/ Chinese version)

展覽會的整個週末都有許多講習、研討會和與同業交流的機會。嘉賓們所參加的小組討論會從「前置」(preproduction)到「製片現場」(Production on Set,)及「後製」(post production)的領域都有。

Writers Panel with Claire Sera and Rob Moreland. Their backgrounds as actor/writer (Claire) and as producer/writer (Rob) made for a lively chat. Character vs. story debate and how to put one’s ideas into words were reviewed.Casting & Auditioning Panel with Casting Directors Molly Jane Knight, Carly Granovsky and Shasta Lutz. They spoke about the audition and casting secrets to book the roll.

Uncovering the Secrets of Directing with Director X

Production Animation Panel with Penney Finkelman Cox and Jeremy Ross: The topic included the pros and cons of producing in Canada.

Distribution in Foreign Markets with Beryl Huang and Curt Marvis: They discussed what Chinese producers are looking for and how to create Chinese co-productions.

Cinematography with Russell Glenapp and Michael Jari Davidson.

The discussion included how to capture the image and your subject in action and how to align with the vision.

Storyboarding and Previz panel with Kevin Conran, Dan Milligan, Nicholas Mantzari, Gergely Kapus and Gabe Sapienza: The panel shared how detailed the preparation is for both live-action and animation.

The Pitch Your Idea sessions gave attendees the chance to pitch one-on-one to Hollywood producers, agents and distributors with the possibility of getting one’s project into development.

Guests got to meet exhibitors whose companies supply a variety of film equipment such as Panasonic, Mag-Z, Varicam, Fusion Cine and Filmotechnic. Iconic costumes and props were on display from The Handmaid’s Tale, The Umbrella Academy and Star Trek.

Military vehicles were provided by Durham Military Vehicles. Arias Legacy Creations showcased their custom-made muscle suits and helmets.

There were silicones to make those creepy and otherworldly skin effects.

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