Visit to Miami, Florida’s Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Travel Blog

Visit to Miami, Florida’s Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Travel Blog / 美國佛羅里達邁阿密的維斯蓋亞莊園 /維斯蓋亞博物館與花園旅遊記:

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Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a 50-acre lavish mansion and gardens of collector James Deering of Deering Harvester Company in the early nineteen-hundreds. The structure is a National historic landmark that sits directly along the shores of Biscayne Bay. The structure has a long history. However, it remains one of the States‘ most intact landmarks of its era. Taking inspiration from European Renaissance and Baroque architecture he’d seen on his travels to Europe, Deering initially built this place as a winter retreat for himself. The Construction of Vizcaya lasted from 1914 to 1922 at the cost of $15 million. As wished, Deering used Vizcaya as his winter residence from 1916 until he died in 1925. As a socialite and a successful businessman, Deering became one of the wealthiest Americans during his era. He often hosted dignitaries and notables over his retreat for luncheons and events. Deering hired renowned designers and graduates from prestigious European art schools and acquired collectible art pieces from across Europe to construct the estate.

中文版 / Chinese Version:
美國佛羅里達邁阿密維斯蓋亞莊園 /維斯蓋亞博物館與花園Vizcaya Museum & Garden)是一座美國佔地 50 英畝的豪宅花園,是 1900 年代初期 Deering Harvester Company收藏家富豪James Deering 精心建造的歷史地標。該建築是國家歷史地標,直接坐落在佛羅里達比斯坎灣沿岸。 該建築歷史悠久,至今仍是美國保存最完整的二十世紀初期地標之一。Deering 遍覽歐洲文藝復興時期巴洛克建築藝術,並從中汲取靈感帶回美國。他營造此處建築的初衷純粹是當作私人冬季度假別墅維斯蓋亞VIZCAYA)的建設從 1914 年持續到 1922 年,耗資 $1500 萬美元。 DEERING如願以償地從 1916 年到 1925 年去世為止都將此處當作他的冬季度假宅邸。身為一名社交名流和成功的企業家DEERING很快成為那個時代的美國富豪,經常舉辦午宴和社交活動,在此宅邸招待政要和名人。他的富裕讓他得以資聘歐洲最著名的藝術學校設計師和畢業生赴美國為他設計、建造該住所;也讓他得以帶著設計師一起前往歐洲,從歐洲各地隨心所欲的收購珍貴藝術品,用於建設莊園

  • Vizcaya Museum’s & Outdoors Garden layout / 維斯蓋亞莊園 /維斯蓋亞博物館與花園(Vizcaya Museum & Garden)室外花園布局 :

Right beside the admission booth is an Italian-style piazza (square), behind the admission features a moat. The Moat originally started as a roadbed for South Miami Avenue. James Deering requested to move South Miami Avenue from there to where the road currently sits today to create more distance between his property from the outside world. Reminding me of the billionaire in Belize who also got his private path to the beach. Deering’s intention was to simply secure privacy for his winter mansion; however; as a result, a section of the Rockland hammock grew unexpectedly in the space between, thereby preserving this native Florida forest that may have otherwise been destroyed. Vizcaya now uses the site as a space for artists’ installations.

中文版 / Chinese Version:
這個景點入場亭旁邊是一個義式廣場,入場後有一條叫「THE MOAT」的護城河。 The Moat 原本是要做南邁阿密大道(South Miami Avenue )的路基, James Deering 要求將南邁阿密大道從那裡搬到今日這條道路所在的地方。如此一來,他的豪宅能有較多的隱私。這讓我想起貝里斯一位富豪向政府申請,讓自己豪宅的小路能直通海邊的案例。 Deering 的原意只為確保自己冬季豪宅的隱私,卻意外的在這空間裡種出弗羅里達特有的樹木,進而保護了這片原本可能被摧毀的佛羅里達本土森林。 維斯蓋亞莊園Vizcaya) 現在將該場地用作藝術家的裝置空間。

  • 把歐洲搬到美國、打造豪宅 / Bringing Europe to the US, European Picturesque Mansion in The States:

Stepping inside the gate, I’m immediately transported to Cinderella‘s night out at the Prince’s ball. All I’m missing is a Fairy Godmother who can bring me my hate couture corset dress with a “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!”
I skipped and pirouetted my way through the courtyard.
Buongiorno!” I bowed my head at the marble statue to my left, “Bonjour!” I twirled and bowed again at the figurine to my right.

中文版 / Chinese Version:

  • Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Indoors Layout & Rooms/ 維斯蓋亞莊園 /維斯蓋亞博物館與室豪宅室內布局及房間:

The Main House is filled with decorative art installments; the vast 10 acres of European Renaissance formal gardens feature fountains and statues.
The interior of the bedrooms and guest rooms are lavishly designed.

中文版 / Chinese Version:
主屋充滿一系列的裝飾藝術品,佔地 10 英畝的歐洲文藝復興時期風格花園裡有噴泉和雕像,臥室客房的內部設計極其豪華。

  • Vizcaya Museum & Garden 2nd Floor “Sitting Room” / 維斯蓋亞莊園 /維斯蓋亞博物館與花園二樓辦公室:

The “Sitting Room” on the 2nd floor, which has just reopened recently, is one of the larger rooms at the Vizcaya mansion. The Sitting Room is decorated in a Neoclassical style, emphasizing a lot of symmetry and rigid lines. Furniture is finished with gold gilding. This style was popular in Europe during the 1750s and later came to be associated with Napoleon Bonaparte. James Deering‘s bedroom also shared this style. There is a bronze sculpture of Napoleon Bonaparte from the 1800s by renowned Italian sculptor Raffaello Romanelli. The Sitting Room is mundane compared to other rooms. From the office desk and ashtray, we can speculate that James Deering worked quietly here. One of the most remarkable art pieces on display at the Sitting Room is an enchanting 5-panel screen painted by renowned artist Robert Winthrop Chanler, Chanler incorporated elements of South Florida in this art piece, like, palm trees, coconuts, flamingos, alligators, and illustrations of Europeans coming to Florida, Chanler created the piece on site. The round rug in the Sitting Room is a French woollen rug from the 18th century. it was originally a squared rug, but they added on pieces at the edges to make it round and fit better in the room.

中文版 / Chinese Version:
最近二樓重新開放的「SITTING ROOM」是維斯蓋亞VIZCAYA豪宅中較大的房間之一。此房間採用「新古典主義風格裝飾,強調大量的對稱性和剛性線條,家具以鍍金為其特色。這種風格在 1750 年代盛行於歐洲,後來與拿破崙.波拿巴有關聯。 James Deering 臥室也運用這種風格。房間內有著名的意大利雕塑家拉斐爾羅曼內利 (Raffaello Romanelli) 於 1800年代創作的拿破崙.波拿巴 (Napoleon Bonaparte) 青銅雕塑。相較於其他房間,「SITTING ROOM」顯得很低調。從辦公桌和煙灰缸,我們可以推測JAMES DEERING曾在這兒安靜地工作。Sitting Room最酷的藝術作品之一是由著名藝術家羅伯特溫斯羅普香勒 (Robert Winthrop Chanler) 繪製的迷人5 面板屏風錢勒CHANLER)在這件藝術品中融入了南佛羅里達的各種元素,如棕櫚樹、椰子、火烈鳥(紅鶴)、鱷魚以及歐洲人坐船來佛羅里達的畫,並在現場創作這件作品。客廳裡的圓形地毯是18世紀的法國羊毛地毯。它最初是方形的,但為了讓地毯跟房間融合,他們在地毯邊緣織上多餘的材料,使其變圓,更融入房間的STYLE。

  • Vizcaya Museum & Gardens “‘Music Room” / 維斯蓋亞莊園 /維斯蓋亞博物館的「音樂室」:

The Music Room is probably the most opulent room on the property. It is designed Rococo style and decorated with elaborate instruments and ornamentation, curving lines and reflective furnishings. The golden-framed mirrors are said to have come from an Italian palace. There’s a dazzling chandelier hanging from the ceiling. However, the ironic thing is that it is said that the instruments in this room were never played. Deering simply purchased them to impress his guests. I say, “If you can, why not?” We all know that’s what rich people do.

中文版 / Chinese Version:
維斯蓋亞(Vizcaya)室內的「音樂室」可能是該豪宅豪華房間,其設計為「洛可可風格」;以精緻的古典樂器和裝飾、彎曲的線條和反光家具裝飾為設計重點。 據說該房間的金框鏡子來自意大利的某座皇宮。 天花板上掛著一盞耀眼的水晶吊燈。 然而,諷刺的是,據說這間房間裡的樂器從來沒有被演奏過,DEERING購買它們單純只是為了炫富殘編想:「如果你做得到,有何不可呢?」 咱們都知道有錢人都嘛這樣。

  • James Deering’s Private Life / James Deering 的私生活:

Little is known about Deering‘s private life. However, through traces and clues like Althea Altemus, Deering‘s private secretary’s memoirBig Bosses: A Working Girl’s Memoir of Jazz Age America,” where she describes Deering as “probably the world’s oldest and wealthiest bachelor playboy,” and the layout of Vizcaya‘s mansion where one of the guest room is connected to James Deering‘s bedroom through a secret door, one can only imagine a Gatsby lifestyle for James Deering. I must admit, though, his passion for art is estimable and deserves respect and admiration.

中文版 / Chinese Version:
人們對 Deering的私生活知之甚少,但從一些蛛絲馬跡可猜測DEERING當時過著怎樣的生活。在Deering私人秘書Althea Altemus所寫的回憶錄Big Bosses: A Working Girl’s Memoir of Jazz Age America」中,她將 Deering 描述為「可能是世界上最年長和最富有的單身花花公子」。維斯蓋亞豪宅的佈置中,有一間客房的一扇暗門直接穿越陽台進入DEERING臥室,我想,DEERING當年應該是過著「了不起的蓋茨比」般的生活方式吧? 就算Deering當初過著花天酒地的富豪生活,我們不得不承認,耗費這麼多心血跟金錢將歐洲搬回美國,他對藝術的熱情是值得尊重和欽佩的。

  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Today / 當今的維斯蓋亞莊園/維斯蓋亞博物館和花園:

Miami-Dade County owns the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens now and opens its door to the public while continuously hosting events to attract visitors.

中文版 / Chinese Version:
如今的維斯蓋亞莊園/維斯蓋亞博物館和花園Vizcaya Museum & Garden)為邁阿密戴德縣所有,並當博物館運作,向公眾敞開大門,不斷的舉辦活動以吸引遊客觀光


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