We are giving away tickets to the upcoming Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival – Septet: The Story of Hong Kong/ 時尚高潮大放送 – Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival汽車電影節票 邀您一起觀賞香港知名導演攜手合拍的《七人樂隊》

We are giving away 1 car spot ticket to the upcoming Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival – Septet: The Story of Hong Kong/ 時尚高潮大放送 – Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival汽車電影節票 邀您一起觀賞香港知名導演攜手合拍的《七人樂隊》

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(Chinese translation by Tanya)

Septet: The Story of Hong Kong/ 《七人樂隊》

We are giving away tickets to the upcoming Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival! Read on and enter the giveaway contest at the bottom of this post!
The 2nd annual Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival takes place from June 27- July 17, 2021, at Toronto‘s Ontario Place, and this year’s theme is “multiculturalism.” The event is an excellent opportunity to celebrate talented filmmakers from all over the world by showing their films in Toronto, Canada, with Lavazza‘s film selection reflecting countries from around the world who have been hit hard by the COVID pandemic and to celebrate multiculturalism in Canada and across the globe and the varying cultures and communities.


中文版 / Chinese version:
時尚高潮大放送:今年時尚高潮榮幸與 Lavazza Drive-In汽車電影節攜手合作贈送粉絲讀著 1 張即將電影節的車票! 繼續往下讀,並在這篇文章的底部參加抽獎比賽

第二屆的 Lavazza Drive-In 電影節於 2021 年 6 月 27 日至 7 月 17 日在多倫多Ontario Place舉行,今年的主題是「多元文化」。 該活動是一個在防疫期間解悶的絕佳的機會!今年的汽車電影節慶祝來自世界各地才華橫溢的電影製作製片者,Lavazza 的精選電影反映來自世界各地受到新型冠狀病毒打擊的國家,並慶祝加拿大和各國的的多元文化 。

Fashion Ecstasy co-presents the film Septet: The Story of Hong Kong / 時尚高潮為您介紹電影《七人樂隊》:

Fashion Ecstasy is pleased to co-present the film Septet: The Story of Hong Kong on July 3, 2021. This film is an extraordinary project, created by Johnnie To, where seven notable directors have come together to show their own unique take and memories of the magical city of Hong Kong.

中文版 / Chinese version:
時尚高潮榮幸受邀合夥宣傳於 2021 年 7 月 3 日放映的電影《七人樂隊》(Septet: The Story of Hong Kong)(原名:《八部半》)
。這部電影可厲害了,由杜琪峯 (Johnnie To) 創作,讓七位知名導演齊聚一堂,用自己獨特的風格展示他們對神奇的香港的看法及回憶。

Sammo Hung‘s Exercise is about the discipline of martial arts training on young students. Ann Hui‘s Headmaster shares life lessons given by the headmaster that left impressions on the students. Patrick Tam‘s Tender is the Night tells the story of the pain of first love. Yuen Woo-Ping‘s Homecoming has a grandfather and granddaughter sharing a house together. Johnnie To‘s Bonanza has three friends riding through the dot-com rollercoaster. Ringo Lam‘s Astray shows the modernization of Hong Kong. Tsui Hark‘s Conversation in Depth takes place in a mental hospital with the dialogue between the doctor and the patient.

中文版 / Chinese version:
洪金寶Sammo Hung)的《天台練功》(Exercise)是關於對年輕學生進行武術訓練的紀律。 許鞍華Ann Hui)的《校長》(Headmaster)分享校長給學生留下深刻印象的人生課程。 譚家明Patrick Tam)的《別夜》 (Tender is the Night)描述初戀之痛的故事。袁和平Yuen Woo-Ping)的《回歸》(Homecoming)敘述一個祖父和孫女一起住的故事。 杜琪峯Johnnie To) 的 《遍地黃金》(Bonanza) 是三個朋友當年在SARS疫情下跟當時很多香港人一樣,想在金融市大賺一發、追逐黃金夢的故事。 林嶺東Ringo Lam)的《迷路》 (Astray) 展示香港的現代化。 徐克的《深刻對話》(Conversation in Depth)取景於精神病院,拍攝醫生和病人之間的對話。

Fashion Ecstasy Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival “Septet: The Story of Hong Kong” Tickets Giveaway / 時尚高潮Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival汽車電影節《七人樂隊》票免費大放送:

One lucky Fashion Ecstasy reader will get a chance to win a car spot to see Septet: The Story of Hong Kong on July 3. The event is a great way to get together with friends or family while staying safe! We’ve been caged for too long!

中文版 / Chinese version:
時尚高潮將抽出一位幸運的粉絲讀者贈送一個車位,送您 7 月 3 日去觀看 Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival汽車電影節的《七人樂隊》(Septet: The Story of Hong Kong)。藉此機會在防疫期間享受一點娛樂、與外面的世界互動的感覺,同時還能保持安全! 我們被悶太久了!

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The contest ends on June 20, 2012, at 22:00 EDT. We will announce the winner on Fashion Ecstasy‘s Facebook fan page and Instagram. Please keep an eye on your Emails, so you don’t miss our Email to claim your prize! If the first winner fails to reply within 24 hours, we will choose the next contestant! Good luck!

中文版 / Chinese version:
比賽於 2012 年 6 月 20 日多倫多時間 22:00 結束。 得獎者將在我們的 Facebook粉絲頁和 Instagram 上公佈。 請注意您的電子郵件信件,以免錯過我們的電子郵件領獎通知! 如果得獎者在 24 小時內沒有回覆,我們將選擇下一位得獎者! 祝粉絲們好運!


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