Whole Life Expo 2019 Toronto – everything you need to know (and buy) on health, wellness and healing多倫多2019 Whole Life Expo展 – 您需知道有關健康,保健和康復的一切知識與產品

Whole Life Expo 2019 Toronto – everything you need to know (and buy) on health, wellness and healing多倫多2019 Whole Life Expo展 – 您需知道有關健康,保健和康復的一切知識與產品

(article by Sari Colt, photos by Sally W., Chinese translation by Tanya)

(中文版向下看 / scroll down for Chinese version)


Whole Life Expo 2019, sponsored by Vitality Magazine, was held from Nov 8-10 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This year was the 33rd year of the event, and it brought together health experts from all over the world, lecturing on a variety of topics on health, wellness and healing.  


中文版/ Chinese version:

Vitality Magazine贊助的2019年Whole Life Expo 於2019年11月8日至10日在Metro Toronto Convention Centre多倫多會議中心舉行。今年第33屆的年度活動吸引世界各地的健康專家齊聚一堂,就健康、保健和康復等相關主題進行專業知識性演講。


  • Stephen Wilmes, founder of the Ayurvedic Wellness Center in

Munich, Germany, spoke onLectin-free, Gluten-Free and Alkaline- A Happy Gut Equals a Long Life.”

中文版/ Chinese version: 

德國慕尼黑Ayurvedic Wellness Center健康中心的創始人Stephen Wilmes發表了「無凝集素,無麩質和鹼性食品,健腸長壽」的演講。

  • Anya Petrovic, founder of Tesla Metamorphosis in Sydney, Australia,

talked about Listen to Your Heart to Reach the Wisdom of the Gods and Tesla Metamorphosis Heal and Resolve. Using the principles from Nikola Tesla, there are Tesla Waves, which can be used as healing frequencies. 

中文版/ Chinese version:

澳大利亞悉尼Tesla Metamorphosis創始人Anya Petrovic談到了「傾聽內心深處以達到眾神的智慧以及 Tesla Metamorphosis 的療癒效果。根據尼古拉·特斯拉Nikola Tesla)的原理,特斯拉波浪(Tesla Waves)有治療頻率的效能。

  • Andrew Ringham, an Iraq War Veteran from Jacksonville, Florida,

shared his experiences as having PTSD and his recovery in his lecture “How a Sick and Tired War Veteran Got His Health Back.” He attributed his wellness to using the Coseva Advanced TRS toxin contaminant removal system.

中文版/ Chinese version:

來自佛羅里達州傑克遜維爾的伊拉克戰爭退伍軍人 Andrew Ringham在他的「病殘而又疲倦的戰爭退伍軍人如何恢復健康」演講中分享了他患有PTSD (創傷後壓力症候群)的經歷和康復。他將健康歸因於使用Coseva Advanced TRS毒素去除系統。

  • Brian Clement and Anna Maria Clement, co-directors of

The Hippocrates Health Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, spoke on “Foods that Heal, Foods that Kill and Effective Solutions for Improving Women’s Health.” They shared their tips on how to help improve or reverse illnesses and slow down the ageing process.

中文版/ Chinese version:

佛羅里達州西棕櫚灘Hippocrates Health Center 健康中心主任Brian ClementAnna Maria Clement發表了「有療癒效果的食物、可能致死婦女的有害食物以及改善婦女健康的有效解決方案」演講。他們分享了有關如何幫助改善或逆轉疾病以及減緩衰老過程的技巧。

  •  Nick Chelu of HaliKali of Bucharest, Romania, discussed the benefits of

Ambrosia Bee Bread in his talk “Discover a Romanian Superfood for Maximum Health.” Bee Bread is not actually bread, but it’s fermented bee pollen, created in the hive by Romanian bees. There are numerous benefits to using bee bread, including improved digestive health, better liver functions, lower cholesterol, increased appetite, and better skin condition.

中文版/ Chinese version:

羅馬尼亞布加勒斯特HaliKaliNick Chelu在他的演講「發現羅馬尼亞的超級食物改善健康」中討論了Ambrosia 蜂麵包的好處。蜂麵包(蜂蛹麵包)其實並不是麵包,它是羅馬尼亞蜜蜂在蜂巢中創造的發酵蜂花粉。使用蜂麵包對身體有很多好處,包括改善消化健康、改善肝功能、降低膽固醇、促進食慾和改善皮膚狀況。

  • Panagiotis Tsiriotakis of Crete, Greece, entitled his lecture, 

“Is Your Olive Oil Fake?” and shared his tips in determining real olive oil in the marketplace. 

中文版/ Chinese version:

希臘克里特島的Panagiotis Tsiriotakis的演講題目為「您的橄欖油是假的嗎?」並在其演講中分享了如何在市場上辨認橄欖油真假的技巧。


  • Dr. Erica Miller of Los Angeles, California Chronologically Gifted,

Aging with Gusto. She shared her views on how to find meaning and passion in life at any age. Age should not dictate any limitations.

中文版/ Chinese version:

加州洛杉磯的Erica Miller博士分享了關於如何在任何年齡層找到生活的意義和興趣,年齡不應讓生命有所限制。


  • Dr. Ravi Ratan of Mumbai India spoke on “Chakras, Numbers and Planets.”

He explained how our different birth and life numbers influence our chakras.

 中文版/ Chinese version:

印度孟買的Ravi Ratan博士就「脈輪、數字和行星」發表了演講。他解釋人在不同的誕生和生命數字如何影響我們的脈輪。


There were many Canadian speakers, as well / 展場演講者也包括許多當地加拿大人


 Author Heather Fraser lectured on “Biopower: Politics and Health in Canada.” She stressed how corporations insert their agendas into government policies in the areas of health and how it affects all of us consumers.


Julie Daniluk spoke on “Nutrition Secrets for Increasing Energy and Performance.” She shared information on foods and supplements that work best to boost metabolism and immune system, balance hormones and overall improve health.


Brian Gangel held The Muscle Testing Workshop to teach attendees the art and science behind muscle testing.


Dr. Andrew Michrowski’s seminar on Novel Means to Cope with Increasing EMF Pollution, gave people hope that one can counteract the effects of this as our world becomes more wireless. 

中文版/ Chinese version:

作家Heather Fraser的講題為「生物力量:加拿大的政治與健康」的演講。她強調企業​​如何將其議題納入政府健康領域的政策中,以及它對我們所有人的影響。

Julie Daniluk談到「提高能量和性能的秘密營養學」。她分享了有關食品和補品的資訊,包括能有效促進新陳代謝和免疫系統,平衡荷爾蒙並全面改善健康的食品和補品。

Brian Gangel舉辦了「肌肉檢測工作坊」,向與會者傳授肌肉檢測背後的藝術和科學知識。

Andrew Michrowski博士在「新興的EMF污染(氣產品電磁場輻射)的因應方法」研討會上給予我們希望,我們如何因應變得越來越「無線」的世界,不讓健康受到影響。

  •  In addition to the informative seminars, there were lots of exhibits to look

at and new products to discover / 除了內容豐富的研討會外,活動中還展示很多新產品等著我們去發現,包括:

 Aura photos, Michael Moon Temple of Sound CDs, Allbambu cutlery, Sprout Growers kits, Herbaland vegan protein gummies, Land Art chlorophyll drinks, Acropolis Organics olive oils, Thiru’s soups and chutneys, Happy Bees honey, Skuta ultimate pumpkin seeds, Organo Gold coffee & tea, Van Dyk’s wild blueberry juice, Chiamigos instant chia pudding, Honibe honey lozenges, Three Farmers chickpeas and crunchy little lentils, East End Vegan almond cheese, Cha’s Organics turmeric lattes, Progressive Vege greens, Yo Fiit protein bars, Smart Fitness EMS Fit Boot Toning, Black to Eden Tiger Nuts, Visionary Shamanic Art by Ritchie Sinclair and Brona Wingell and Hamsa Heaven yoga-inspired wear and handmade jewellery.


All in all, it was a fun and inspiring time at the Whole Life Expo. 

總而言之,今年的Whole Life Expo 2019的活動猶如歷屆一般好玩、好逛,並能鼓舞人心。V


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