Travel  Bermuda – Always in Season #gotobermuda – 百慕達觀光四季皆宜的度假天堂

百慕達觀光四季皆宜的度假天堂 / Travel  Bermuda – Always in Season #gotobermuda

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Travel  Bermuda - Always in Season #gotobermuda - 百慕達觀光四季皆宜的度假天堂
Travel  Bermuda – Always in Season #gotobermuda – 百慕達觀光四季皆宜的度假天堂
  • It was an unseasonably cold November evening in Toronto

but at The One Eighty Restaurant(located at the top of the Manulife Centre) was Bermuda warm. The space was transformed into Bermuda, starting with members of the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) dressed in island attire (wearing pink or blue Bermuda shorts paired with blazers) to the fresh tropical flowers, and to the food and drinks atypical of the island.  


中文版 / Chinese version:
僅管多倫多十一月的晚上天氣寒冷,市中心Manulife Centre 大樓51樓高的The One Eighty餐廳卻充滿北大西洋百慕達海島的溫暖。 當晚Bermuda Tourism Authority為了推廣百慕達觀光業,將該空間改造成令另人再冷都能忘憂的百慕達度假村。

  • Victoria Isley, chief sales and marketing officer for the BTA

shared with attendances some interesting facts about the island. Bermuda is a small island, measuring 1 mile x 21 miles long and has a population of 60,000 people. It has a unique history with a variety of cultures blended together including AfricanBritish and Portuguese.
The island’s temperate climate (20 Celsius in winter and 30 Celsius in summer) allows golfing, sailing, paddleboarding, scuba diving (with a reef and over 300 shipwrecks to explore) and fishing. In 2017, Bermuda hosted the 35th America’s Cup Yacht RaceBermuda lies on a dormant volcano and its pink sand beaches are legendary.

中文版 / Chinese version:

BTA首席銷售和市場營銷官Victoria Isley與大家分享享一些有關該島的知識:百慕達是一座長1 x 21英里的小島,人口僅僅60,000上下。它的歷史獨特,融合了非洲英國葡萄牙等多種文化。島上氣候溫和,冬季約為攝氏20度,夏季則約攝氏30度,適合打高爾夫球、開帆船,划槳板、潛水和釣魚等各種運動。百百慕達有美麗的礁石和300多艘沉船可探索,也曾在2017年舉辦第35屆美洲杯帆船賽。百慕達位於一座休眠的火山上,其粉紅色的沙灘極富傳奇色彩。

  • As a result, Bermudans enjoy fresh fish and seafood all year long, 

and this is reflected in their cuisine. Doreen James of Bermuda’s Wild Herbs N Plants collaborated with Chef Chris Matthews of The One Eighty Restaurant to create the evening’s all seasons menu. There were a few plant-based dishes such as Prickly Pear Dragonfruit Cheesecake Bars (winter), Vegan Crab and Purslane Rangoon (spring), Vegan Calamari with a Fennel Dipping Sauce (summer), Mini Dandelion Pumpkin Pies with Chai Spice and Mushroom Dandelion Greens Crostini with Herbed Cashew Cheese (fall). There were also non-plant-based dishes such as Citrus Poached Jumbo Shrimp with Sweet & Sour Cocktail SauceJerked Chicken on Plantain Ribbon with Mango Chutney and Roasted Lamb Chops with Emon Chimichurri. All so very delicious.

four seasons menu created by Doreen James of Bermuda’s Wild Herbs N Plants collaborated with Chef Chris Matthew of 

中文版 / Chinese version:

如此迷人的環境讓百慕達人終年享受最新鮮的魚類和海鮮,,從當地的美食便能體現。百慕達Wild Herbs N PlantsDoreen JamesThe One Eighty大廚Chris Matthews,聯手創作出當晚的創意四季菜單,其菜色包含一些以植物性飲食為基礎的菜餚,如冬季的「花椒梨火龍果起士蛋糕棒」、春季的「純素螃蟹配馬齒莧」、夏季的「純素花枝沾茴香醬」、秋季帶香料的「迷你蒲公英南瓜派」和「蘑菇蒲公英蔬菜脆餅配腰果奶酪」。非植物性的菜餚包括「柑橘糖醋雞尾酒水煮沙鍋大蝦搭配海鮮沾醬」、「烤雞芭蕉脆片搭配芒果甜酸醬」和沾阿根廷青醬的「慢烤羊排」。全都是極具百慕達特色的佳餚。

  • In parallel with the dishes were the all seasons drinks such as 

Bermuda Smoked Old Fashioned (winter), Lily’s Garden (spring), Somerset Swizzle (summer) and Grape Bay (winter).

中文版 / Chinese version:
搭配四季美食菜餚的是同樣代表四個季節的爽口飲品,如冬季的百慕達煙燻Old Fashioned、春季的Lily’s Garden、夏季的Somerset Swizzle和冬季的Grape Bay

Damselfly Designs had a cornucopia of Bermudan flowers to enjoy and guests got to take home a custom floral bouquet. DJ Damon DeGraff played a set of Caribbean music that made one ready to dance right on the spot. 

Bermudan artist Lyn Winford was on hand to do custom illustrations of guests and we got to see her talent up close.

 There are many beautiful places to stay on the island including The Rosewood Bermuda and the Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resorts and Spa.

中文版 / Chinese version:

Damselfly Designs為場地佈置百花齊放的百慕達花朵,嘉賓們也捧回客製的美麗花束。Damon DeGraff DJ演奏一系列讓人放鬆的加勒比度假音樂,讓來賓們自然的配樂扭腰擺臀。

百慕達藝術家Lyn Winford並在現場為來賓作畫,讓我們有機會近距離目睹她的才華。

百慕達島上許多美麗的住宿選擇,包括五星級奢華度假飯店 The Rosewood BermudaNewstead Belmont Hills Golf Resorts and Spa高爾夫度假村和水療中心。

Fashion Ecstasy had a fabulous evening learning about Bermuda as a tourist destination.

For more information about travelling to Bermuda, check out: or follow the hasgtag #gotobermuda

中文版 / Chinese version:



有關前往百慕達的更多觀光旅遊訊息,請造訪: www.gotobermuda.com或追蹤


illustrations by Bermudan artist Lyn Winford at


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