醉鮮閣台北木柵搶先推出暖身薑母鴨!Zui Xian Ge Taipei Mucha Review: Ginger Duck Hot Pot, Stir-fry, Grilled food

  • 木柵人都知道,這裡要找到好餐廳不容易。木柵(文山區)除了小吃路邊攤,最受木柵人歡迎的美食大概就是熱炒了!


英文版/ English):

It’s not easy to find a decent restaurant in Mucha (Wen Shan District), Taipei. The area is a bit away from the Taipei city centre. Locals here usually just opt for street food or Taiwanese stir-fry, a locals favourite. They are more accessible in this area.
The weather has turned “chilly(as the locals say)” recently and people are craving for “ginger duck hot pot.

Watch our video first:

薑母鴨”或“薑母鴨火鍋”是台灣非常受歡迎的冬季菜餚。一般,薑母鴨是用生薑,米酒和藥草煮熟的,所以它被認為是一種暖身的膳食,可以增強免疫系統,抵抗即將到來的冬天的寒冷和疾病。 “醉仙閣”餐廳結合了薑母鴨熱炒燒烤,三種當地人最喜歡的美食。

薑母鴨帶皮鴨肉 (Ginger duck hot pot duck meat with skin)
薑母鴨帶皮鴨肉 (Ginger duck hot pot duck meat with skin)


What is Ginger Duck Hot Pot?
Ginger Duck” or “ginger duck hot pot,” is a very popular winter dish in Taiwan. Usually, ginger duck is cooked with ginger, plenty of rice wine and medicinal herbs, so it’s believed to be a warming meal that will boost your immune system against the illness of the coming winter’s cold and rain. “Zui Xian Ge” restaurant combines Ginger duck, Taiwanese stir-fry, and grilled bbq, 3 of the locals’ favourite all at one location.

  • 殘編從小就是都市小豬,卻住木柵文山區),三餐不是遠赴東區的日式燒烤屋或居酒店,就是長途跋涉到天母的西餐廳或異國料理店解決。可能是從小在國外長大的影響,我對「在地」食物還真是興趣缺缺。我曾在這篇文章中訴說我主木柵的痛苦。近年殘障後,我只好乖乖困在木柵,成了「在地」山豬(因為住木柵對吃的選擇,好比是住在山上的山頂洞人)。我不怕颳風下雨,為了吃,山豬還是會搭小黃千里迢迢覓食。只是費時又費力。


I am a city kind of “pig.” I’ve always stayed in the city for my whole life. I like the convenience of going to a nice restaurant whenever I want within my piglet trotter walking distance. It could be my upbringing abroad, but I’m not interested in any local Taiwanese eats. I have expressed my pain living in the suburbs (as I call it) in this post, ICYMI. However, I am also a food snob. For food, I do not compromise. I’d travel out of my way just to dine at a decent restaurant; be it a Japanese Izakaya in Dong qu (East District), or a western restaurant in Tianmu. It only takes more time and effort. (For food, I will!)

  • 記得那天飄著綿綿細雨,我被酸雨淋濕雙眸,這種下雨天,對一個沒有底二隻手拿傘得殘編說最惱人。我模糊間看見一道光,它寫著「熱炒、燒烤、飛鏢」這是「醉鮮閤」的招牌。看見醉鮮閤的招牌好比看見希望之光,雙眼也被感動的淚水給洗淨了模糊的視線。頓時,我的世界好明亮。這種組合的酒吧/餐廳仿佛只有國外 (尤其是香港)比較常見,更別提木柵了。
醉鮮閣小館 Zui Xian Ge restaurant Taipei Mucha
醉鮮閣小館 Zui Xian Ge restaurant Taipei Mucha


The sky is spitting, another one of our annoying infamous light rainy day. These days are especially hard when you don’t have a spare hand to hold an umbrella.
My sight is blurred by acid rain. Trough the acid raindrops in my eyes, I see a light that reads “Stir-fry, grill, darts;” it is Zui Xian Ge Restaurant’s sign/banner. The acid raindrops in my eyes are cleared by the relatively alkaline tears. My world became so bright and clear for a split second. I see a ray of hope. These types of bars are usually seen only in foreign countries (especially in Hong Kong), forget about Mucha.

  • 天氣轉涼,醉鮮閤搶第一波暖身潮,推出「薑母鴨」料理。殘編除了現在是一具冰屍外,我記得在生前,也經常手腳冰冷。人間較溫暖,當時還常有好友好心的建議我多吃薑母鴨暖身。現在陰間雖冷,人鬼殊途,以前的朋友現在看見我就像「看到鬼」。想不到薑母鴨力量大,沒朋友的殭屍殘編一揪還能揪到一包廂的人類。


醉鮮閣薑母鴨(Ginger duck hot pot)
醉鮮閣薑母鴨(Ginger duck hot pot)


As the weather turns cool and the sunny days leave us, Zui Xian Ge is one of the first restaurants in Taipei to launch the much-anticipated Ginger duck cuisine.
Besides being a rotting corpse now, my body was cold even before I died. The human world is warmer in comparison from body heat. I had caring friends who advised me to consume ginger duck on a regular basis to warm up my body temperature at the time. The underworld where I am now may be cold, but ginger duck is still “hot,” with its help, a zombie with no friends gathered a full house of people to dine with me in no time. All came to get a first taste of this year’s ginger duck.

  • 醉鮮閤」用他們受歡迎的料理將不同世界的我們,距離瞬間拉近,用餐空間自在、毫無壓力。


With crowd-pleasing cuisine, the restaurant brings us closer from different worlds instantly in an unpretentious environment. The service is fast, once we take our seats the pot for our ginger duck is served, followed by other dishes continuously. I didn’t know I could feast like an emperor in such a casual joint.

食物/ The Food:



  • 鴨血大塊滑嫩、鴨血糕也切得大塊,不帶腥味,鴨肉帶皮有味。


Duck’s blood is cut into big pieces and carries a tender and smooth texture, almost like a soft tofu, duck’s blood cake is made with duck’s blood mixed into glutinous rice. It is also cut into bigger pieces and the texture is relatively chewier without any fishy taste. The duck meat is cut with duck skin and is flavourful.


麻油麵線 (Noodles with sesame oil)

麻油麵線 (Traditional Taiwanese noodles with sesame oil)
(Traditional Taiwanese noodles with sesame oil)


These are traditional Taiwanese noodles, some call it “rice vermicelli. The noodles are extremely thin and easy to slurp, Zui Xian Ge serves them original with just enough sesame oil, onions and garlic to add enough flavours and minimum salt. I usually don’t eat noodles but I finished two bowls when nobody’s looking :p

殘編力推的其他料理 (Other dishes that we recommend) :

  • 糖醋排骨(Sweet and sour pork ribs)

    糖醋排骨 (Sweet and sour pork ribs)
    糖醋排骨 (Sweet and sour pork ribs)


    The sweet and sour pork ribs have a thicker batter, which makes it crispier (isn’t that the whole point of eating fried food?)

  • 蔥爆牛肉 (scallion beef )
    蔥爆牛肉 (scallion beef )



The scallion beef is made with Taiwanese beef and lots of scallions and onions. It goes well with rice.

海鮮豆腐煲 (Seafood Tofu soup):

海鮮豆腐煲 (Seafood tofu soup)
海鮮豆腐煲 (Seafood tofu soup)



Seafood tofu soup is cooked with tofu, red pepper, yellow pepper, shrimp, oysters, and eggs. It is served hot and boiling on the table, and retains its seafood flavor without being too salty. It is absolutely delicious to go with rice.

  • 原來薑母鴨是越燉越入味,我們把食料和麵線都吃完時,發現湯越熬越有味道,還是受不了誘惑,偷偷地從外面的自助式白飯鍋盛了好幾碗白飯來配。


椒麻雞( Thai CutletChicken With Hot chili) :

椒麻雞( Thai CutletChicken With Hot chili
椒麻雞 (Cutlet Chicken With chili Pepper (Thai style)



Thai Cutlet Chicken With Hot chili uses chicken cutlet that is larger than the usual chicken cutlets on the market. The chef deep fries the chicken to crispy, chops it into strips, then tops it with a generous amount of chili/chili sauce. The meat retains its juiciness and is almost “fall-off-the-skin” tender when taken with chopsticks. This dish provides the perfect balance between sweet and sour


烤鯖魚 (Grilled mackerel)
烤鯖魚 (Grilled mackerel)




We were overwhelmed by the food options presented here. Sadly, mackerel is the only grilled dish we tried today. mackerel is grilled to perfection, the skin is crispy and chewy, the meat is tender, add some lemon juice on the fish, and sprinkle it with a little pepper then it’ll make a perfect dish. We are already looking forward to our next visit to try everything on the “Grilled” menu!


  • 原來薑母鴨是越燉越入味,我們把食料和麵線都吃完時,發現湯越熬越有味道,還是受不了誘惑,偷偷地從外面的自助式白飯鍋盛了好幾碗白飯來配。這鍋吃下去,殘編的冰屍都熱了起來,還持續整晚呢!醉鮮閤名字取得好,如店名一樣,每道菜都很下酒。他們的啤酒選擇很多元,不單單只有「金牌」,老闆還自信滿滿的告訴我:「你要什麼我都有!」
醉鮮閣小館 Zui Xian Ge restaurant Taipei Mucha
醉鮮閣小館 Zui Xian Ge restaurant Taipei Mucha

進餐廳時,餐廳播放的是廣東歌,加上外面一台飛鏢機,好像置身香港,只是我們因為吃喝得太開心了,所以也就忘記去玩兩把。醉鮮閤的飛鏢是看遊戲計費,基本301一人只要10。客人吃得飽、喝得爽、玩得開心,staurant was playing Cantonese 離席時還心暖暖,是秋冬聚餐、把酒同歡的好選擇。



The ginger duck soup seems more flavourful the longer we cook it. When we discover that secret, we help ourselves tobowla after bowls or rice from the self-serving rice pot even with a full belly.

This pot was definitely a resurrecting meal. I can feel my frozen dead corpse come to life and it even lasted overnight. Beer selections are more than just the usual “Taiwan beer” served at local joints like this.

The restaurant was playing Cantonese music when I entered. In conjunction with the dart machine, I thought I was in Hong Kong. We were just too distracted by food and forgot to try a game or two. For darts they only charge 10NT /person for a 301 game


營業時間5:30PM 到11:30PM

Zui Xian Ge address: No.311, Sec.3 Muxin Road, Wenshan District (Mucha), Taipei city, Taiwan

Hours: 5:30pm – 11:30pm


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