顱外 / 經顱磁次激治療可點亮燈泡?殘編當白老鼠實驗!Does rTMS light up a bulb? Here’s a real life experiment

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根據 加拿大入籍考試參考書「發現加拿大 Discover Canada”),燈泡是由加拿大人Mathew Evans Henry Woodward發明再將專利賣給愛迪生的。



(English version / 英文版):

The latest hot topic in the healthcare/medical areas that all news media are raving about is rTMS (aka TMS) , which stands for “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation,” this treatment has recently been reported across all major news media such as the Liberty Times Net, the TSSD News, CTITV Taiwan, and more. According to the news reports, the treatment miraculously cured many diseases caused by  Neurological disorders such as brain stroke Parkinson’s disease, or even mental illness.

Rumour has it that if you hold a light bulb during the treatment, it lights up!


According to “Discover Canada, ” the Canadian citizenship study guide, the first electrical light bulb was invented by Canadians Mathew Evans and Henry Woodward and “later sold the patent to Thomas Edison, who more famously commercialized” it.

As a patriotic Canadian, it was my duty to take on the Canadian spirit and be the first guinea pig to experience it “first hand.”

Watch my experimental video first:

  • 什麼是經顱磁刺激 / 顱外磁刺激(rTMS / TMS)? / What is “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS/TMS)?

 經顱磁刺激,又稱顱外磁刺激 / 重複經顱磁刺激/rTMS),是一種使用非侵入性的儀器透過磁波發出微弱的微小電波來刺激腦部一些特定的區域


(English version / 英文版):

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, aka Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), uses a noninvasive electromagnetic coil device to target and stimulate specific areas of the brain (source: Wikipedia).


  • 殘編是極罕見29歲嚴重大量腦出血中風的病人,因此所有看過我當時腦部電腦斷層片的各大神經科名醫師,都說我29三低」,是空前(也希望是絕後)的例子,能活著已是奇蹟。加拿大的醫療是免費的,於是九命怪貓又病危的我直接送急診進行開腦手術,開成了一顆如圖的大網球(註:圖片可能會造成不舒服,會怕的讀者們請跳過往下滑到下一段)

 (English version / 英文版):

As you may or may not know, I am an extremely rare case who suffered a massive hemorrhagic brain stroke at age 29.I’ve consulted all “worlds-renown neurologists to find a cure. Apparently after seeing my CT scans, to still be breathing is a miracle already. Thankfully, healthcare in Ontario is free, so I underwent brain surgery as soon as I was sent to the ERtomy skull is like a huge tennis ball like so . (Note: some may find the image disturbing)

  • 雖然僥倖又撿回了九條命中的一條命(只剩三條了。。。),卻在29歲看被當時主治醫生判決「終生殘障」,勸我好好的包容這樣的自己以及如何學會跟這樣的自己生活才是重要的。畢竟看過電影「露西」(港譯:「超能煞姬」)的人都知道,人類的腦部有如宇宙般複雜,即便現在醫學多發達,腦部問題至今仍無法研究徹底,因此腦部及神經出問題的疾病像是中風、帕金森,甚至是憂鬱症、焦慮症等等俗稱的「神經病」,真的是TMD難搞的病 ,所以被判無期徒刑終身殘障的殘編就只能深信英文的一句諺語「Never say never」(永遠不要說永遠不可能),死馬當活馬醫啦!

  (English version / 英文版):

 (English version / 英文版):

If a cat has 9 freakish lives, I have 3 left. Instead of giving me false hope, my doctor advised me to learn how to embrace myself as the way I was/am and live with myself. I was sentenced to long-term disability at the age of 29. For those who’ve seen the movie “Lucy,” you all know that the human brain is as complex as the universe. As advanced as medical study research is, brain/ neurological diseases such as stroke, Parkinson’s, or even “mental illness ” like depression and anxiety, are just MFing impossible to figure out. However, I still believe in the saying, “Never say never,”; so whenever there’s a new clinical study trial, I’m your guinea pig!


(English version / 英文版):

As for now. I have a completed my first Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS / TMS )treatment session, I will be sharing my future results results with our readers. If you don’t want to miss them, please subscribe to our website via the right sidebar with your e-mail, hit the “subscribe” button & check your email for a confirmation email!

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