3 Rules To Follow When Reinventing Your Wardrobe

Congratulations on your boldness if you’ve finally decided to say that enough is enough and you want a brand new set of clothes for your wardrobe. Nobody should settle for mediocrity when it comes to fashion. Of course, you need to consider your next move carefully. While it’s probably tempting to rush out into the world and splurge on a range of new fashion pieces, you need to make a plan of action when it comes to the task of reinventing your entire wardrobe. Here are the 3 rules you need to follow.

  1. 3 Rules To Follow When Reinventing Your Wardrobe

    1. Stick to a strict spending limit.
    Before you hit the town and burn through the entirety of the funds in your bank account, you should set yourself a strict spending limit. If you want to flesh out your wardrobe, then you’ll need to make sure that you’ve bought more than 3 outfits before you’ve run out of money. Check your bank account and decide on a set budget so that you know your absolute spending limit before you even leave the house (or start browsing for clothes online). If you need help to make decisions when organizing your money, then you could do some research to figure out whether personal capital or mint is the best tool to give you insights into smart financial decisions. You need to be sensible even when you head off on the exciting adventure of reinventing your wardrobe. Regarding the clothes you buy, you can find incredibly fashionable pieces of attire for affordable prices if you look in the right places. Do your brand research because some of the high-end retailers charge fairer prices than others. Most importantly, make sure you keep referring back to your budget.

  • 2. Buy plain and well-fitted clothes.

    While this may not be an exciting rule to follow, it’s one that’ll serve your overall look well. The most fashionable wardrobes aren’t extravagant for the sake of extravagance – they’re simplistic and effortlessly stylish. That should be your goal when choosing pieces of clothing. Don’t go for the look that makes a bold statement if that bold statement will be out of fashion next season. You need to opt for timeless styles; your clothes should be neutral in colour and well fitted. The fit is essential; fashion looks better when it’s clear that you’ve put time and effort into choosing an outfit. While “plain” styles might sound boring, simplicity will keep your wardrobe fresh on a long-term basis. Minimalism is an endless trend.
    how to update your wardrobe3.Use accessories to complete outfits.
    If you’re really upset about the idea of buying plain and understated clothing then you’ll be pleased to see this final rule on the list. Accessorizing completes your outfits. The right accessory can be a powerful focal point, and your minimalistic attire will serve as a neutral background. A scarf can add a touch of class and sophistication to your look. Wearing a belt around your dress can transform a casual summer outfit into a smart-casual work outfit. Make sure you consider accessories when reinventing your wardrobe so that you know how each of your outfits will work.


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