Super stretchy cotton skirt with front slit 大彈力微性感開叉棉裙

新貨到: 18414大彈力微性感開叉棉裙~(English version below英文版看下面V)

我小時侯愛迷你裙,老了殘了有了羞恥心開始熱戀長裙。因為我著重 airflow!由其是在台灣濕熱的噁爛天氣。只是穿上長裙自信心來了開使要扭腰擺臀自以爲麻豆走台步時往往撲街跌個狗吃使。想不透、明明就已經可以穩穩的走路將近一年,心裡正要開使責怪是台灣的復健師太遜時,才赫然驚覺一切都是長裙沒開叉的錯!想裝淑女裝優雅又不想跌個狗吃屎(在台灣跌倒真的會吃到狗屎哦!)的美眉們看這邊!
走路路來超美❤ 推推
顏色:黑, 深灰, 淺灰, 深藍

大彈力微性感開叉棉裙~ Super stretchy cotton skirt with front slit
18414大彈力微性感開叉棉裙~ Super stretchy cotton skirt with front slit

English Version:
New in Stock: Super stretchy cotton skirt with front slit

Mini-skirts was always my thing, but 10 years ago. As I age and became disabled, I added the word ”shame” to my dictionary. But it’s impossible to wear pants in Taiwan’s tropical and nasty weather. I still want my airflow!
I’m a stroke survivor. I lose confidence because of my disability, and pants don’t help, so I turn to longer length skirts. As I put on my new collection of full-length skirts and all ready to strut the streets like a runway and shake that long-gone “boo-tay,” I fall head over heels, cross that, “head over flats” instead. “Like a dog eating shyt(摔個狗吃屎),” as we say it in Taiwan (trust me, if you trip and “PK” on the streets of Taiwan, it is very likely that you will eat dog shyt when you fall face flat!)
It’s been a year and a half since I’ve re-learned how to walk again. The recent trips and falls had me scratching my head. Regression… is that medically possible after a stroke? Can my failure in life get any worse? As I’m about to put the blames on the unprofessionalism of the “professionals” in my rehab therapy, I realize it’s all my new collection of un-split skirts’ fault! How is a handicapped supposed to wobble in a full-length pencil skirt and walk with my chin up and eyes looking straight without falling, anyway? That’s like doing a hundred things at a time! I can’t even do one thing right! urgh!For all the passed-trashy aged girls who still want to feel somewhat feminine:
Here’s our new collection of long cotton skirt with front split(comes with eat-shyt proof guarantee)
$390 (2 or more for $350nt/each)
$390 (2件以上$350)
Waist: 26- 34 (One-size fits all)
colours: black, light grey, dark grey, navy

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