A Peek Inside Albright Fashion Library – Where Hollywood Celebrities Source Their Red Carpet Looks / 帶您參觀好萊塢明星們星光大道治裝的秘密來源 – 洛杉磯的奧爾布賴特時裝圖書館

A Peek Inside Albright Fashion Library – Where Hollywood Celebrities Source Their Red Carpet Looks / 帶您參觀好萊塢明星們星光大道治裝的秘密來源 – 洛杉磯的奧爾布賴特時裝圖書館

(中文版向下看 / Scroll down for the Chinese version)
(中譯:殘編 / Chinese translation: Tanya)

Have you ever wondered where magazines, film/tv productions, celebrities on red carpets and fashionistas get their unique designer clothes? Stylists from New York and Los Angeles know the secret. It’s the Albright Fashion Library.

中文版 / Chinese version:
您可曾想過雜誌電影電視節目、走星光大道紅地毯好萊塢名星時尚偶像達人都從哪裡準備他們獨特名牌服裝造型紐約洛杉磯時尚造型師都知道這個秘密。答案就是洛杉磯奧爾布賴特時裝圖書館Albright Fashion Library)。

Founded by former stylist Irene Albright in 1990 in New York City, the demand grew so much that in 2015 they opened up the LA location. We were fortunate to be given a guided tour by Creative Director Jack Eustace at their Beverly Hills location (Trousdale Estates). Tucked away on a secluded street, this appointment at the 7000 sq ft mansion showcases its carefully curated collection of over 30,000 pieces, all available to rent for the evening or a more extended period.
Walking inside, we were overwhelmed by all the beautiful pieces. Accompanying me was Model Catalina Yue, who graciously agreed to try on a variety of designer dresses, including a Valentino dress worn by Angelina Jolie. Eustace showed us Jennifer Lopez‘s famous green Versace dress and a gown worn by Lady Gaga.

Jennifer Lopez wearing her famous Versace jungle-print dress / 詹妮弗·洛佩茲穿她出名的Versace叢林印花連身裙
Jennifer Lopez wearing her famous Versace jungle-print dress / 詹妮弗·洛佩茲穿她出名的Versace叢林印花連身裙 (image credit: Scott Gries/ Getty Image; Alessandro Garofalo/ Reuters)

中文版 / Chinese version:
奧爾布賴特時裝圖書館Albright Fashion Library)是1990年名造型師時尚顧問Irene Albright紐約市創立。開業客戶需求量快速增長,在2015年便開設了洛杉磯分店時尚高潮很幸運應奧爾布賴特時裝圖書館Albright Fashion Library創意總監 Jack Eustace之邀,造訪鄰近住滿好萊塢星光大道明星比佛利山莊 (英語:Beverly Hills)的特魯斯代爾莊園(Trousdale Estates) 分店創意總監 Jack Eustace親自迎接我們,並充當導遊,親自帶領我們參觀場地。這座有7000平方英尺、隱藏在一條僻靜的街道上的豪宅展示著他們精心策劃的 30,000 多件時尚珍藏品,可供當晚或更長時間出租。
走進裡面,我們被所有美麗的作品所震撼。 陪同我的是模特兒 Catalina Yue,她欣然同意試穿各種名牌禮服供我欣賞,讓我當一天的時尚評論家Catalina試穿讓我看的星光大道造型,包括安吉麗娜·朱莉 (Angelina Jolie) 穿過的 Valentino禮服Eustace接著向我們展示詹妮弗·洛佩茲Jennifer Lopez著名綠色 Versace 連衣裙女神卡卡Lady Gaga) 穿的禮服

Albright houses celebrated designers like Versace, Valentino, Dior, Moschino and Chanel and up-and-coming designers. These young designers are not yet household names and generally find it challenging to get their lines sold in stores. As Eustace explains, ” There is something wonderful in being able to foster up-and-coming designers in a way that stores can’t because they are worried about selling. They are not worried about showing the designer the best way they can be. “We have many partnerships with young designers getting started that have turned into long and wonderful collaborations.”
Eustace explained that one doesn’t needn’t be a celebrity to have the Albright Library Experience. There are packages available for those who want to be styled to find the perfect dress to wear to a gala or special event. They work with all body types and see what will work the best for the client.

中文版 / Chinese version:
奧爾布賴特時裝圖書館Albright Fashion Library)擁有各種知名設計師品牌奢華名牌衣服,如 VersaceValentinoDior迪奧)、MoschinoChanel香奈兒)等。此外,他們也展示一些剛嶄露頭角的年輕新設計師。 這些還不是家喻戶曉的設計師,他們的作品放在裡賣常常會遭遇不暢銷、賣不出去的瓶頸,自然很難在商店裡銷售。Eustace 解釋說:「能夠以商店無法做到的方式培養出嶄露頭角的設計師是一件很棒的事情,商店為了銷售可能無法將設計作品用最佳方式展示出來,而奧爾布賴特時裝圖書館Albright Fashion Library)因為沒有銷售量的煩惱,可以大膽地將一件設計師品牌服裝造型原形呈現。」 「我們與事業剛起步的年輕設計師們建立許多合作夥伴關係,這些合作夥伴關係也已經變成了長期的精彩合作關係。」Eustace接著說道。
Eustace說:「不一定非要成為名人才能擁有奧爾布賴特圖書館體驗。 對於那些想要在盛大晚宴場合特殊活動中穿上完美禮服的人來說,我們也有一些套餐可供選擇。奧爾布賴特時裝圖書館Albright Fashion Library)針對各種不同身材體型客戶都可以量身打造,找出適合各類客戶造型

Taking a peek into the shoe room was like walking into heaven! Designer handbags, jewelry and hats are also available to complete the look.

中文版 / Chinese version:

The library is currently helping Ukrainian designers to make their designs available for rentals, such as Frolov and Lev Couture (who has designed for Lady Gaga)
Albright indeed maintains the history of designers whose works can be appreciated for years to come.

中文版 / Chinese version:
奧爾布賴特時裝圖書館Albright Fashion Library)目前正在幫助烏克蘭設計師出租他們的服裝設計成品,例如「Frolov」 和曾為女神卡卡Lady Gaga設計過的Lev Couture


To learn more about Albright Fashion Library, please visit www.albrightla.com.
中文版 / Chinese version:
欲了解更多訊息,請造訪奧爾布賴特時裝圖書館的官網: www.albrightla.com。

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