Silver Ball 2019 gala in Support of Providence Healthcare Foundation

Silver Ball 2019 gala in Support of Providence Healthcare Foundation / Providence Healthcare Silver Ball 多倫多2019年度公益募款晚宴

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Silver Ball 2019, the annual gala  in support of Providence Healthcare Foundation took place at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel Toronto

The theme of the 2019 Silver Ball, which took place in the Canadian Ballroom of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel on November 2, was “Glitz, Glamour, Gatsby and Generosity”! Black, gold and white décor were featured at this fundraiser for Providence Healthcare Foundation, Toronto’s longest-running gala. 

中文版 / Chinese version:

支持Providence Healthcare Foundation的年度盛大公益募款宴會Silver Ball 2019 今年在多倫多皇家約克酒店舉行,旨在支持Providence Healthcare 基金會。


  • True to the 1920’s theme, there were three “Prohibition Cocktails” 

served during the reception; Tom Buchannan’s Collins, an Old Fashioned Fitzgerald and the Fizzy Flapper, a mix of Prosecco and Peach juice. Passed hors d’oeuvres included smoked cheddar gougerebeet cured troutsmoked duck wrapped datescharred octopusand torched brie on crostini.

中文版 / Chinese version:

秉承20年代「禁酒令」(禁酒時期)的主題,接待期間共送了三份「禁酒雞尾酒」,包含 「Tom Buchannan’s Collins」、「 Old Fashioned Fitzgerald」 和 氣泡酒混桃子汁的「Fizzy Flapper」。活動中準備的開胃菜包括「法式煙燻切達芝士球」、「甜菜醃製的鱒魚」、「煙燻鴨包椰棗」、「烤章魚」和義式起司麵包小點。

  • Short dresses, fringe, and feathers; the hallmark of the twenties 

fashion abounded along with a fair share of sequins. Silver Ball presented hundreds of silent auction items to bid on. Items included Toronto Raptors Box Suite  for 8 valued at $6,000 and behind-the-scenes culinary experience for six with the Executive Chef of the Fairmont Royal York. Judging by the food served ta the gala, this item would be well worth it!

中文版 / Chinese version:

嘉賓盛裝打扮的服裝少不了代表二零年代時尚的短裙、流蘇和羽毛、以及很多很多的亮片。 Silver Ball展示了數百種無聲拍賣品可供競標。其中包括價值8千元加幣的多倫多暴龍隊8人VIP套票以及與費爾蒙皇家約克酒店主廚的6人幕後烹飪經驗。從當天晚宴上的食物來看,這個項目絕對超值!

Dinner started with a seafood duo of poached prawn and smoked tuna. The entrée was a classic preparation; mushroom and mustard crusted beef tenderloin. There was a choice of two desserts: red velvet with candy beet sponge and a white chocolate coffee tart


  • Entertainment for the evening was a performance by Cailin

Stadnyk singing “Me and the Sky” from the Broadway Musical Come from Away. With the purchase of a single raffle ticket, the lucky winner won a 2020 Lexus RX 350 Luxury Package.

Silver Ball 2019 gala in Support of Providence Healthcare Foundation -Providence Healthcare Silver Ball 2019年度公益募款晚宴
Silver Ball 2019 gala in Support of Providence Healthcare Foundation –
Providence Healthcare Silver Ball 2019年度公益募款晚宴

中文版 / Chinese version:

宴會中邀來名演員Cailin Stadnyk現場演唱名百老匯音樂劇「Come from Away」中的「 Me and Sky」歌曲。購買抽獎券的幸運得獎者竟赢得了2020 Lexus RX 350 Luxury Package。


  • The nearly nine hundred guests at this year’s Silver Ball raised over one

million dollars for Providence Healthcare, a great success! For more information on the Silver Ball, visit

今年 2019 Silver Ball近900位的來賓為Providence Healthcare筹集了超过100萬加幣,莫大的成功!有關此活動及基金會的詳細資料請上他們的官網

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