TikTok Ad Scam Product – Momordica tea open box review

TikTok Ad Scam Product – Momordica tea open box review

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A while ago, my FYP on TikTok was flooded by the same Ad for a product that claims can cure cataracts, glaucoma, and all kinds of eye diseases. People go through all stages in life. We are born, grow old, get sick and die. Many conditions are inevitable. Among them, cataracts and glaucoma are a couple of examples that most people experience. Unfortunately, my mom underwent this condition during the COVID19 outbreak. She’s been delaying her treatment due to the pandemic. I’m terrified of COVID; as much as I worry about her eyes, getting COVID sounds even worse, so I don’t encourage her to go for her eye surgery to avoid exposure and transmission of the virus through her eyes. Especially after witnessing Taiwan‘s medical facilities’ disinfecting/ cleaning protocols first-hand. My grandma was a wise and talented woman. She’d always taught her kids not to rely on medicine growing up. My mom, therefore, decided to change her diet and lifestyle over the past two years for better health instead, and her eyesight has miraculously improved. I often say that her existence is a medical miracle. Maybe it was her genes that I was born with this immortal body. I often joke that we should both sell our blood for medical research.

Nevertheless, I’m anxious about her condition, so I’ve been obsessed with finding information and alternative cure for cataracts online. In an era when all businesses rely on big data, the Internet and social media are like brain parasites. Once you go on the Internet, you will see relevant information about whatever you’ve been thinking. I don’t know how TikTok does it, but when I was most worried about my mom’s eye condition, my TikTok FYP was flooded with the same advertisement for a product that claims can cure glaucoma, cataract, and all kinds of eye diseases. “As long as you’re not blind, it can fix you, ” I remember the advertisement said. The product is Momordica tea, which they claim to be a precious super fruit that can only be grown in Southeast Asia, Australia or some other country. Regrettably, I didn’t save a video of the Ad, but if you’ve seen it, you know which advertisement I’m talking about. The Ad page also shows the certifications of SGS, FDA and other food/ drug inspection certifications. I don’t know if it is a trend started by her/ his majesty Tsai; any certification in Taiwan would make you raise a brow.

Nonetheless, I believe in miracles and seizing any chances that come my way, so I place an order without hesitation. There are three options with different numbers of bags for placing an order for this product. I choose the option with the most bags for my mom’s eyes. The total price is about NT$2,000.

  • TikTok Ad product Momordica tea – The Open Box:


The package arrives, and I’m excited to do the open box and cure my mom’s cataracts once and for all. However, as shown in our YouTube video above, the openbox is disappointing. The parcel was about the size of my palm; mind you, I have tiny hands. Inside the box are four bags of dried fruits simply packaged in Ziploc bags. There are no sealed or other packaging processes. The product comes with no instructions, ingredient lists or any so-called “certificates.” Sus.

I have so many questions at this point. I take a closer look; what looks like bags of raisins of dried fruits aren’t even completely dry but still contain moisture. There is no expiration or manufacturing date printed on the bag; I doubt the product can last for long with a few sloppy Ziploc bags. Since there are no instructions, I am utterly clueless about how to make this bag of “wet dried fruit” into tea. However, the money has been paid; I have the product in my hand, so I pick one out and eat it as is just to give it a try.
Before I can speak, my silly mom grabs a handful, which is nearly a whole bag, and stuffs them in her mouth! After having the greatest laugh that gave me an eight-pack. I calm down and explain to my mom, “You’re supposed to make these into tea. The dried fruits taste like figs, with several seeds in them. If you follow me on TikTok, you know that I’ve been battling my eczema for quite a while, and my eczema was so severe that my body was covered in blood with almost no clear skin. I spent several months eating bland food, trying out and incorporating different nutritional supplements to improve my condition. It’s a challenging and tedious journey. The day after I ate the piece of sus dried Momordica fruit, my eczema flared up again, so the rest went to waste. Since my mom has no allergies or problems with her immune system, she tried making the Momordica into tea the next day. From what she tells me, these dried fruits turn out to be longans, which can be seen everywhere in Taiwan, not some preciousMomordicafruits.

  • TikTok Ad product Momordica tea open box review in a nutshell:

In conclusion, This product is a total scam. I got scammed, so you don’t have to. You’re welcome! So, TikTok users, beware!

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