Chanel’s Rouge Allure Intense Luminous Lip colour #135 Open Box Testing Review

Chanel’s Rouge Allure Le Rouge Intense Luminous Lip colour #135 Open Box Testing Review / 香奈兒超炫耀的唇膏開箱實測評價:

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  • A Brief History and Background of Chanel:

Chanel is unarguably the top luxury French fashion brand recognized worldwide. For fashionistas, Chanel gives you power. It represents status, confidence, and quality. Founded by Gabrielle Chanel, or better known as “Coco Chanel,” in 1910, Chanel was one of the pioneer fashion houses to take bold approaches in the fashion world in the 19th century. Some examples include her sportswear line made of jersey fabrics previously used to make men’s underwear. During France‘s late 19th-century Belle Époque era, women favoured hourglass and opulent silhouettes emphasizing feminine figures. Chanel replaced them with simple lines and ‘flat-chesteddesigns. She also used masculine colours like grey and navy blue to denote the feminine boldness character.

Coco Chanel‘s bold androgynous approaches to fashion design revolutionized the fashion world in the late 19th century. Fame soon caught up, and her designs have been personified by male and female dignitaries and fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe, Margot Robbie, Gemma Ward, and Nicole Kidman, just to name a few.

  • The Time I Met Chanel’s Legendary Karl Lagerfeld:

I had an exceptional personal and intimate encounter with Chanel while pursuing my fashion career. It was the time when I witnessed Chanel‘s legendary creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, with my very own eyes, getting out of his car on the streets of Via Pietro Verri one day on my way to school while studying for my master’s in fashion design in Milan, Italy. I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t believe it was happening. However, at age 24, I identified myself as young and eccentric. To me, Chanel seemed a bit too mature for me. I preferred brands like Vivienne Westwood, Maison Martin Margiela or Alexander McQueen that can bring out my crazy in style.

Vanity aside, Chanel is a top value-preserved luxury fashion brand today. Although the cosmetics industry has pretty much aced their game in lipsticks/ lip glosses development, even accessible brands like Maybelline, which I’ve reviewed in my previous YouTube video, have long-lasting results. Nevertheless, after you’ve reached your 30s, you don’t want to pull a Maybelline lipstick out of your purse in public. So today, I’m doing an open box review for Chanel‘s Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip colour #135.

  • Chanel’s cosmetic packaging:

The packaging for Chanel‘s Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip colour #135 is very thoughtful. The lipstick comes in a large Chanel paper card box. There is a tag for easy opening once you pull it out, even for people living with disabilities like me. Usually, a parcel will take me over half an hour to open single-handed, in conjunction with my brains, thighs, and teeth. Hence, at this point, I’m already in tears even before opening my package. Inside the box is a Chanel glossy paper bag beautifully bow-tied with a silky black ribbon filled with colourful shredded paper.
Nothing excites me more than colourful confetti, yay!

At first sight, the lipstick itself is a bit confusing, most likely only for my faulty wired neurons. A glossy, black lipstick with a shiny, golden tip called the “ROUGE ALLURE click case.” Once customers get a hold of it, you’ll find it shares the concept of S.T. Dupont‘s signaturePinglighter. You pop the lipstick up with a click, then voila, you’re a high-class Chanel elite.

  • The product: Chanel’s Rouge Allure Le Rouge Intense Luminous Lip colour :

The lipstick uses ultra-thin pigments to provide full coverage lip colour with a satin finish—an array of vibrant shades are available for this product to suit every age and occasion.
The formula includes Sappan wood to help smooth, moisturize and protect your lips, instantly comforting customerslips while leaving them luminous and supple.

  • How to apply Chanel’s Rouge Allure ale Rouge Intense Luminous Lipstick?

Like any other lipstick, apply Chanel‘s Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lipstick directly to your lips. Our colour #135 is vibrant but supple, so it doesn’t come off too aggressive but still gives you that youthful energy and charisma. Chanel recommends customers pair with Chanel‘s LE CRAYON LÈVRES Longwear Lip Pencil in a matching shade for a perfectly defined lip line look when using this product.

  • Chanel’s Rouge Allure ale Rouge Intense Luminous Lip Colour Open Box Testing Results & Review in a nutshell:

As shown in my video above, I had to starve myself and intentionally wait until I lost some of my natural lip colours to put Chanel‘s Rouge Allure Intense Luminous Lipstick into the test. The results are pretty impressive. After a full-on breakfast and 4 litres of boiling hot water, my mug is left with only a minor lipstick stain which is barely visible to the eye. The results remained the same when I kissed the back of my hands to test it. To be able to survive boiling-hot water, I say damn, Chanel, you’re the woman!


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