Vini Ventures – A Safe, Online Guided Wine Tasting Experience. Staying Safe At Home Doesn’t Have To Be Boring Anymore! / Vini Ventures,一個在家防疫也能放鬆自己的線上指導品酒會。 誰說疫情期在家一定悶?

Vini Ventures – A Safe, Online Guided Wine Tasting Experience. Staying Safe At Home Doesn’t Have To Be Boring Anymore! / Vini Ventures,一個在家防疫也能放鬆自己的線上指導品酒會。 誰說疫情期在家一定悶?

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(Chinese translation by Tanya / 中譯:殘編)

Vini Ventures is a safe, online guided wine tasting experience. Staying safe at home doesn’t have to be boring anymore!

中文版 /  Chinese Version:

Vini Ventures,一個在家防疫也能放鬆自己的線上指導品酒會。 誰說疫情期在家一定悶?

(Photos courtesy of Michelle Paris)

Michelle Paris has always loved wine. She became a fan of wine as early as age three when she caught her eye on the bubbles of a glass of pink champagne. As an adult, she spent some time in Argentina to learn the art of winemaking. And since then, her passion for wine has led her to into a career of being a Certified Sommelier, a Certified WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Class Educator, Certified Sherry Educator, Ambassador for the Wines of Portugal and a Professional Fromager. She is also a Master of Wine candidate.

As a result of the Pandemic, Michelle created Vini Ventures, a unique online wine tasting experience. Clients can do a self-guided tasting ( assisted by Vini Ventures‘ QR tasting notes) or have one led by one of Vini Ventureswine experts.

中文版 /  Chinese Version:
米歇爾·帕里斯 (Michelle Paris) 一直鍾愛葡萄酒。 早熟的她早在三歲時,在注意到一杯粉紅色香檳氣泡酒時,就成為葡萄酒的忠實粉絲。 成年後,她特地赴阿根廷度過一段時間,專門學習專業釀酒藝術。 從那時起,米歇爾對葡萄酒的熱情便使她成為一名認證侍酒師、一名認證 WSET葡萄酒與烈酒教育基金會)課程教育師認證雪利酒教育師葡萄牙葡萄酒大使和一名乳酪專家。 她也是Master of Wine葡萄酒研學院碩士候選人。

為了應付新型冠狀病毒疫情爆發,米歇爾竟突發奇想,創建了 Vini Ventures,這是一種前所未見、獨特的在線品酒體驗 客戶可以選擇在Vini Ventures 的 QR 品嚐筆記協助下,自行細細品酒或由 Vini Ventures 的一位葡萄酒專家進行一對一的帶領品嚐

The process is simple and fun.

The wine kit delivers to the client‘s location. The kits can be tailored to a specific theme (say” Italian reds”) or an event (perhaps a birthday party). Customized labelling is also an option and puts a thoughtful touch on any occasion. The wines arrive in reusable glass mini wine bottles, which are environmentally friendly and clean. What’s unique about the bottles is that each is topped with an ArT Wine Preserver, which uses Argon to preserve wine from oxygen exposure, so the wine remains continuously fresh. And Vini Ventures can also furnish cheeses and charcuterie that pairs well with the wines in the kit. Then the tasting can begin.
Vini Ventures isn’t just a chance for us to take a break during these challenging times, kick back, relax and have a virtual slumber party. The whole idea is also a great addition to any celebration or work event.

中文版 /  Chinese Version:
Vini Ventures線上品酒會整個過程簡單而有趣
品酒會需用到的酒具組會宅配送達客戶的收件地址。 酒具組可以根據各種特定主題(例如「義大利紅葡萄酒」)或特別節日活動(比如「生日趴」)等量身訂製客製化的標籤也是一種貼心的選擇,會在任何場合加分不少的心意葡萄酒裝在可重複使用的迷你玻璃酒瓶中,既環保又乾淨。 這些瓶子的獨特之處在於每個瓶子都配有一個 ArT 葡萄酒保鮮器,它使用氬氣來保護葡萄酒免受氧氣的影響,從而使葡萄酒始終保持新鮮。 除了酒具組外,Vini Ventures 還可以提供適合與酒具組中的葡萄酒搭配品嚐奶酪熟食冷肉盤。 在疫情搞到我們神經衰弱時,悶壞了的我們即使在家都可以和姐妹來場微醺睡衣趴

客戶可以在他們的網站上輕鬆預訂 Vini Ventures虛擬品酒會
Customers can easily book Vini Venturesvirtual wine tastings on their website at


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