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淡水亞太飯店233自助畫室魚藏文化號館2)合作推出新的超值2019一泊二食繪畫趣專案,也就是住宿+享受美食+畫畫的套票! 沒假的都要來個舒愈的迷你假啦!

English / 英文版):
Asia Pacific Hotel Tamsui and Show 233 Arts & Culture Self-service paint studio launches a new collaboration with a super promotion: 2019 one-night 2 meal painting project. The deal includes accommodation + food + painting package! For those visiting Taiwan, lucky for you! For those staying, time for a “staycation”!
I’ve been stressed out lately; the trip is not only relaxing; it’s also very therapeutic & refreshing. I’m ready for more stress now, bring it 😛
Watch our travel vlog/video first:

  • 此專案平日兩人同行只要$1899/人 (假日$2299/人;人約多越便宜;詳細活動內容向下讀⬇️)
    亞太飯店綠漾餐廳午餐或晚餐套餐每人乙客(原價每客580+10%)、淡水魚藏文化館自助彩繪票券每人乙張(存錢筒/面具/乾燥花/風箏 四選一)、淡水漁人碼頭單程船票每人乙張或淡水名產魚酥每人乙包(二選一)

(English / 英文版):
This promotional package is only $1899/person on weekdays ($2299/person on holidays. 3 or 4 ppl packages are also available, continue reading for details.⬇️
The package content includes (per guest):
a one night stay at Asia Pacific Hotel‘s guest room, breakfast buffet, one lunch or dinner set (original price: $ 580+10%) , a painting voucher at Show 233 Art & Culture painting lounge ( choice of piggy bank/ mask / dried flower / kite), a one-way boat ticket from Danshui (Tamsui) Fisherman’s Wharf or Tamsui‘s specialty, fish crisps.

  • 秀233(魚藏文化號館2館)是一家超療癒、適合親子一起參加的自助畫室,


淡水漁人碼頭秀之藝術SHOW 233魚藏文化館自助式畫室:超療癒的創作&親子活動!Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Show233 Self-Service Paint Studio

English / 英文版):
Show 233 Art & Culture is a self-service painting lounge/studio that offers therapeutic painting sessions suitable for parents and children & makes a perfect family activity. Last time, with the professional instructor’s guidance, I took home a masterpiece that still hangs on the walls of our living room. If you missed it, please read this post:

淡水漁人碼頭秀之藝術SHOW 233魚藏文化館自助式畫室:超療癒的創作&親子活動!Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Show233 Self-Service Paint Studio

殘編淡水亞太飯店的住宿體驗 / My stay & experience at Asia Pacific Hotel, Tamsui::

Show 233 AP Hotel tamsui collage
Show 233 AP Hotel tamsui collage

可惜在我到達「環遊世界」的人生目標之前,就殘廢了(原來殘編頭殼不管怎樣都注定要開花的 (誤))。

English / 英文版)
I’m an adventurer. My adventures in 45 countries by the age of 30 includes swimming with the Hawaiian turtles, feeding the seals in Vancouver, chasing the sea snakes in Okinawa, Japan; the white sharks and manta rays in the Maldives; swimming with the sharks and manatees in Belize.
I broke my arm snowboarding in Montreal, broke my jaw riding a bike, and probably would’ve broken my skull on that sky-diving flight that I bought and paid for in New Zealand if they hadn’t canceled it last minute due to some little “breeze.”
Sadly, I was crippled before I reached my goal to “travel the world.” (turned out, I had to open that skull one way or the other).

While most areas of medical studies are considered developed, the study of the human brains is still like a tip of the iceberg with its too many possibilities. In other words, I have a long way back to resuming my world-traveling adventurer’s itinerary.
My experience at Asia-Pacific Hotel Tamsui in collaboration with Show 233 Art & Culture this time, made me realize that I don’t have to keep challenging “Death,” I can just “chill the fork out” and still resume my travels differently: the relaxing and therapeutic way.

  • 淡水亞太飯店環境& 簡介 / Asia Pacific Hotel Environment & Introduction:

淡水亞太飯店位於淡水捷運站出口右轉後步行約 7 分鐘,有地下機械式停車位,樓下即有7-11便利商店,很方便。

English / 英文版):
Asia Pacific Hotel, Tamsui is a 7-minute walk to/from the Tamsui (Danshui) MRT Station. The hotel has underground mechanical parking, and a 7-11 convenience store just across the street, making it very convenient. Nearby attractions include Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, Tamsui Old Street, Yingzhuan Road Night Market, Fort Huwei (Hobe Fort), the Golden River Bank, and many other attractions in North Taiwan. AP Hotel offers free shuttle buses to/from some of the attractions.

  • 淡水亞太飯綠漾中庭/植物牆 / AP Hotel Tamsui’s Green Court/ Green Wall:


淡水亞太飯綠漾中庭 (AP Hotel Tamsui's Green Court/ Green Wall)
淡水亞太飯綠漾中庭 (AP Hotel Tamsui’s Green Court/ Green Wall)


English / 英文版)
Designed by Japanese architect Hirosawa Eiichi, Asia Pacific Hotel Tamsui is the first hotel in Taiwan to create a green plant wall in the hotel’s “Green Court.“The design brings sunlight, air, and water all together into the Green Court, where photosynthesis is directly carried out with the plants on the green wall. It also brings in a breeze, creating a nature’s symphony with the water. The birds were still singing during my visit; The setting almost inspired me to pick up a brush and compose a poem, in calligraphy.

  • 亞太藝廊 / AP Gallery


English / 英文版):
The art gallery on the first floor of Asia Pacific Hotel showcases a variety of artworks and products with Taiwan’s local cultural characteristics. “handmade glass art” was on display when I visited. The exhibition included artworks that symbolize Taiwan & its culture, like “Kirin” and “Taiwan Blue Magpie.” These exquisite art pieces are valuable both for gifting and collecting. I had to get three at once.

  • 住宿體驗 / Accommodation Experience:

淡水魚酥 - 台北淡水亞太飯店 x 秀233(魚藏文化二館)自助畫室2019 一泊二食繪畫趣專案
淡水魚酥 – 台北淡水亞太飯店 x 秀233(魚藏文化二館)自助畫室2019 一泊二食繪畫趣專案


English / 英文版):
We stayed on 5/19(Sunday). Of the two gift choices included in the package (boat ticket from Fisherman’s Wharf or fish crisps), We chose Tamsui‘s specialty fish crisps since we all like snacking. The two big bags of fish crisps were presented in Asia Pacific Hotel‘s gift bag upon check-in. The aromas were hard to resist even when we knew we had a reservation at AP Hotel‘s “Green Restaurant” for dinner.

  • 亞太飯店客房 / Asia Pacific Hotel Guest Rooms:

亞太飯店兩人房間有分單人床兩張或雙人床ㄧ張,單人床的房間是面向關渡橋,我們幸運的住到了位於10樓的「豪華觀景客房雙人床房」(平常要靠運氣),我們的「豪華觀景客房」腑視觀音山淡水河出海口。房內設有吧台、附贈兩瓶礦泉水、燒開水的熱水器(超重要)、兩雙拖鞋(現在很多飯店都沒有提供了)、ㄧ台冰箱(裡面裝有一瓶啤酒) 、跟一台面相床正前方的平面電視跟(包第四台),殘編還幸運的在離開前舒服的觀賞了「權力遊戲/冰與火之歌」的最終曲,最後含笑帶淚的離去。

English / 英文版):
2-person rooms in Asia-Pacific Hotel include two single-bed rooms or 1 king-size bedrooms. The single-bed rooms face Guandu Bridge. We were lucky to stay in the “Grand Deluxe Room” on the 10th floor (usually by chance/availability) with a great view of the Guanyin Mountain and Tamsui River Estuary. The room features a bar table, two complimentary bottled water, a kettle (super important), two pairs of paper slippers (not available in most hotels now), a fridge with a bottle of beer, and a flat-screen TV with cable. I was lucky enough to catch the finale of “Game of Thrones” on HBO before leaving and left the room with a tearful smile.
The guest rooms in Asia Pacific Hotel Tamsui are spotless and comfortable and carries the qualities of a star-rated hotel.

  • 淡水亞太飯店「綠樣餐廳」/ AP Hotel’s Green Restaurant:




English / 英文版):
Green Restaurant” specializes in creative Chinese cuisine. In addition to serving the hotel’s breakfast buffet, it also offers lunch and dinner set menu, party set-menu, and a la carte dishes. Every dish is carefully designed with creativity. The Chinese-style set menus are popular among consumers, making the restaurant a must-try during your stay.
Green Restaurant” is the main restaurant in Asia Pacific Hotel. It is located on the 1st floor and features ample space with a large table area for banquets.

  • 淡水亞太飯店「綠樣餐廳」晚餐套餐 / Tamsui Asia Pacific Hotel “Green Restaurant” Dinner set menu::


English / 英文版)
I would also give a 5-star rating to the chefs at AP Hotel‘s Green Restaurant; every dish featured in our dinner set is filled with precious ingredients served in generous portions.

以下是我們的晚間套餐,(共有八道) / Our Dinner Set Menu (8-course) at AP Hotel’s Green Restaurant:

影片調至綠漾餐廳晚餐套餐 / video set to Dinner at Green Restaurant:(1:48)

  • 紅燒雪蛤羹 / Braised fish maw w/Hasma hot pot
紅燒雪蛤羹 (Braised fish maw w/Hasma hot pot)
(Braised fish maw w/Hasma hot pot)


English / 英文版):
Braised fish maw w/Hasma hot pot is a full pot of precious Chinese delicacies & ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine like Hasma ( frog fallopian tubes) & caterpillar fungus. The bowl is served sizzling hot, adding red wine vinegar can help enhance the flavours.

  • 宮廷醬燒骨 / Sweet & sour rib
宮廷醬燒骨 / Sweet & sour rib
宮廷醬燒骨 / Sweet & sour rib


English / 英文版):
These “royal” Sweet & Sour ribs are served with 2 pieces of ribs for each person. The dish is not overly salty; even with the sauce, the ribs taste natural. The meat has the perfect balance of tender and chewy; the taste is superb.

  • 欖菜蒸魚 / Steamed fish with vegetables
欖菜蒸魚 ( Steamed fish with vegetables)
( Steamed fish with vegetables)


English / 英文版):
“Green Restaurant” is generous with its portions. 2 steamed snapper fillet are stacked and served for each guest. (watch the video!). The fish lay on a bed of Shanghai bok choy and is topped with pickled olive leaves.

  • 南瓜石榴球 / Seafood Dumpling with Pumpkin Sauce
南瓜石榴球 ( Seafood Dumpling with Pumpkin Sauce)
( Seafood Dumpling with Pumpkin Sauce)


English / 英文版):
Dumpling skin made of egg-white wraps up the seafood ingredients and swims in a pool of pumpkin puree.
Once we cut into it, the baby shrimps jump out with their friend from the sea and dive into the pumpkin puree.

  • 臘味炒飯 / Fried rice with Hong Kong-style pork
臘味炒飯 (Fried rice with Hong Kong-style pork)
(Fried rice with Hong Kong-style pork)


(English / 英文版):
Rice is fried with two-color sausage, providing a rich flavor.

  • 水果&甜點 / Fruits & Dessert:
水果&甜點 (Fruits & Dessert)
(Fruits & Dessert)


(English / 英文版):

Our seasonal fruits feature watermelon, apple, and cantaloupe.
Dessert is a light egg tart.

淡水亞太飯店套餐咖啡 (AP Hotel set menu's coffee)
(AP Hotel set menu’s coffee)
  • 在「綠漾餐廳」用餐雖為套票中的一部分,卻出乎意料的美味,竟能滿足殘編挑剔的味蕾,殘編覺得就算特地開一、2 個小時的車程來這裡吃一餐也值得。

(English / 英文版):

While dining at the “Green Restaurant” is just part of the itinerary, the gourmet food they provide is well worth a trip of its own, even if it means driving for an hour or 2.

亞太飯店自助式早餐BUFFET( 綠漾餐廳 ) / Asia Pacific Hotel BreakfastBuffet (Green Restaurant):

影片調至亞太飯店自助式早餐( 綠漾餐廳 ) / video set to Asia Pacific Hotel breakfast buffet (2:44):


(English / 英文版):

Asia Pacific Hotel‘s breakfast buffet features a more diverse menu than an average hotel. Besides milk ( & soy milk) & eggs, congee, and mantou (steamed bun); other dishes that are not your typical breakfast items are also available; including chicken drumsticks, Hong Kong-style radish cakes, broccoli fried squid, vegetarian bean curd in soy sauce and fried chicken nuggets. The meal is enough to last me a day!
The handmade mantou (steamed bun) seems to be Green Restaurant‘s breakfast star- item. Every guest carries at least two on their plate.

飯後夜市逛逛:英專路夜市 / A “Stroll” After Dinner: Yingzhuan Road Night Market


(English / 英文版):

Taiwan is famous for its night markets! Yingzhuan Road Night Market and Tamsui (Danshui) Old Street are 2 known night markets close to the hotel; AP Hotel provides free shuttle to/ both. We both haven’t been to Yingzhuan Road Night Market. Since we just stuffed ourselves with good food, we decide to walk it off (technically, “wheel it off” in my wheelchair for me).

秀233(魚藏文化二館)自助畫室畫畫 / Painting at Show 233 Arts & Culture Studio:

(照片由秀233自助畫室提供 / Image courtesy of Show 233


(English / 英文版):

Supposedly, Check out was on 5/20 after having AP Hotel‘s breakfast buffet, followed by a very therapeutic painting session at Show 233 Arts & Culture studio which I was looking forward to after being flooded with inspirations. Unfortunately, there was a rainstorm on that morning, and the roads to Show 233 were closed off. However, watching the finale of Game of Thrones in the comfort of AP Hotel‘s comfy bed still put a perfect end to my staycation.

  • 殘編總結 /Conclusion:

殘編真心覺得淡水亞太飯店漁人碼頭秀233(魚藏文化2館)自助畫室真的是個太絕妙的組合,因為住完淡水「第一家會呼吸」的超優質人文飯店後剛好幫客人進入「詩情畫意」的藝術家模式,在靈感還為退去前直接去秀233作畫,下一作「蒙娜麗莎」 (李奧納多·達文西的畫),可能就是您的作品。

(English / 英文版):
I highly recommend Asia Pacific Hotel Tamsui and Show 233‘s package deal. It is genuinely a beautiful combination, the artsy hotel with its combination of nature and singing birds will fuel you with inspirations and help get you into “artist mode.” & the itinerary will send you off to create your masterpiece before your inspiration wears off! Who knows, maybe the next “Mona Lisa” (Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting) is your work.

台北淡水亞太飯店 x 秀233(魚藏文化二館)自助畫室2019 一泊二食繪畫趣專案內容:
三人同行:NT$1,799/人 (平日), NT$2,099/人(假日)
四人同行:NT$1,699/人 (平日), NT$1,899/人(假日)


  • 亞太客房住宿一晚
  • 活力早餐每人一客
  • 超值套餐(午餐或晚餐)每人一客(原價每客580+10%)
  • 淡水魚藏文化館自助彩繪票券每人一張(存錢筒/面具/乾燥花/風箏著色 四選一)
  • 淡水-漁人碼頭單程船票每人一張或淡水名產魚酥每人一包(二選一)

3.本專案贈品如未使用,恕不接受下次使用或要求兌現折讓 。

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台北淡水亞太飯店 官網:www.aphotel.com.tw

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