NYFW New York Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2022 Kick-off: Runway Muse Stays True-to Self through an Out-of-World Lens Captivated by International Graduating Fashion Students

NYFW New York Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2022 Kick-off: The Next Fashion Muse presented by Runway Muse

(words & photos by Alex Anisman)

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紐約時裝週2022年秋冬全新開幕秀:「The Next Fashion Muse」

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February, 10th, 2022 1 pm ETNYFW New York Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2022 Kick-off: The Next Fashion Muse presented by Runway Muse. The show is a collaboration between Runway Muse and Runway 7.

Runway Muse Stays True-to Self through an Out-of-World Lens Captivated by International Graduating Fashion Students

The venue at New York City‘s Sony Hall (235 W 46th St) is a spectacle as the audience arrives into the space filled with a mix of blue and purple lights, and a runway consuming the area appears, eagerly awaiting what is yet to come. An excellent launch into NY Fashion Week ’22Runway 7 is about to begin their very first performance of Runway Muse Presentation, a one-of-a-kind fashion show and competition featuring designs by current International Graduating Fashion Design Students. A curated panel of renowned judges, including Paper Magazine editor-at-large Mickey Boardman and Forbes contributor Joseph DeAcetis (amongst other notable fashion icons)the students have a tough panel to impress with the opportunity to showcase original collections during September ’22 of Runway 7 and an online e-boutique to maximize client-designer exposure. As we walk through each design, we must note that the future of the industry looks the most exquisite, unique, and risk-taking as it ever has before. 

Beginning with Eva Dela Font and Yvari Toussaint — we can clearly see the range of texture that reflects the material into the eyes of the audience and radiates the stage.

Next is Alyssa Saleel — embodying movement, flow as a beautiful yellow textured dress in contrast to her other design, a red light-weight cropped hoodie paired with reflective red silky-like pants are shown.

Eva Dela Font

 Helen Troshyna is next— embodying power and female strength into her two looks, a new take on a contemporary jazz class outfit that will make everyone’s jaws drop.














Next, we see the contrast between Bryan Barrientos & Carmen Lee —which shows us there are many possibilities to take on the New York City nightlife. Whether through the lens of Barrientos, voluminous and bold-look in making quite the corset statement, or Lee demonstrating a classic black jumpsuit and an airy nude dress, there are many personalities these textiles and styles can portray. 


Ghena Spatola hones in on our mystical rainbow dreams (from two perspectives). The models take the stage in one look: athleisure-styled bright layered patterned cotton. The other look is not only a body-fitted and tie-dyed dress but is layered with 3D textured material with silicone-reflective textiles that revolve around the dress and capture our attention. Owen Rogoff & Neena Bui’s — take on the world of patterns is genuinely captivating. Using both thick materials to pursue a body-forming look, Rogoff allows the designs to truly stand out as the pattern moves in motion. Bui— utilizing patterns and illustrative design-work enables the audience to see everyday shapes in abnormally unique forms. Pulled into the sci-fi world of the MatrixAlejandro Barzaga Francys Lorena Herrera truly take us there. Barzaga bringing reds, blacks and cut-outs and Herrera with bold translucent blues, blacks and straps, we cannot help but think of another world. In contrast, simplicity emerges as Desislava Simeonova‘s designs effortlessly cross the stage— cool, casual and sexy.

Jacqueline Mones continues with a mix of captivating, bold, and nuanced textiles. We can see this at next year’s Met Gala or walking around the streets of SoHo; fresh, bold and strong. Belkys Costa — shows us that shapes and odd-cut outs can be portrayed with simplicity and professionalism. Jamie Avadisportrays texture galore, playfulness and spirit through colourful ropes and leather. Lastly, Lisa Husberg— reminds us that blacks and reds can continue to have a classic look with a spin; how about a halter top with multidisciplinary use as a purse? 

The judges deliberate as Francys Lorena Herrera is announced as the third finalist, Jacqueline Mones and Desislava Simeonova as the winner. It is evident that each unique designer is a winner. However, these winners‘ sleek, bold, and uniqueness tell a timeless story of sci-fi realities, a world where multidisciplinary use of textiles is the norm in taking up space and classic materials can remain bold and fun but remain true to self.

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