The Best Real Handmade Frozen-Dumplings in Taiwan – Imei Foods Handmade Frozen Dumpling Series Openbox Review

The Best Real Handmade Frozen-Dumplings in Taiwan – Imei Foods Handmade Frozen Dumpling Series Openbox Review/ 超好吃真正手工的義美超好吃真正手工的義美冷凍水餃系列食記開箱文

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We recently came across a series of super, mind-blowing delicious frozen dumplings by Imei Foods. Though the size of Imei Foodshandmade frozen dumplings may not be as big as the dumplings I’ve introduced you to before, at this stage of life, we prefer quality over quantity when it comes to food.
Imei Foods has always been the #1 ethical business we trust because even when Taiwan is finally making a name in the world, infamously by large corporationsfood scandals: the plasticizer incident, the gutter oil incident, the melamine-contaminated milk incident, just to name a few. Taiwanese enterprises are notorious and have no conscience. Imei Foods Taiwan is a well-established company founded in 1934, and there haven’t been any hiccups regarding food safety in its long history.

My mom returned from grocery shopping at Carrefour Taiwan over the past two days, all excited. “Guess what we’re having for dinner?” was the first thing she asked me when she returned home. The time was 1:00pm. I could sense the upsurge of emotions as her cheeks and the corners of her mouth rises as she asked. I went through the whole list of food items we usually have at home, but none were correct. She starts stomping her foot, and the corners of her big smile start trembling. “Why don’t you just tell me? I know whatever it is, you want to eat it already.”
Imei Foods’ handmade dumplings, Imei Foods!” she exclaimed. I went to check it out and saw a humongous bag of frozen dumplings weighing about 1000 grams by the door. “Wow! Looks amazing!” I told my 5-foot-tall, 70-year-old supermom, who carried the dumplings back all by herself. I guess women do grow stronger when they become moms, or get hungry.
“Alright, go on with it, I know you can’t wait.” I gave her the green light.
Although the size of this giant bag of Imei handmade frozen dumplings may not be as big as those from a typical Taiwanese dumpling chain store, but once we do the openbox, each individual dumpling is super three-dimensional, full and round in size even while they’re in their frozen state before being cooked. The filling looks like they’re about to explode. We got the “pork & cabbageflavour from the Imei handmade frozen dumplings series. The three-dimensional dumplings are hand-kneaded to make them plump. The dumpling skins are firm and do not explode or collapse after being cooked. The packaging reads, “It tastes good without dipping.” We were skeptical about it at first, but after taking a bite, I closed my eyes and felt the fragrance of fat lingering and circulating in my mouth and around my cheeks. Mmmm~~ mind-blowing. The handmade dough is superb. Strong, more elastic, and thinner than usual dumpling wraps. The packaging is also hard work: frozen dumplings are supported by a three-dimensional plastic box before being seal-packed into a plastic bag so that these super three-dimensional handmade dumplings don’t get squashed and turned into pies. One jumbo pack of Imei handmade frozen dumplings is only priced at $109 NT. What a steal! Pork meat is guaranteed sourced from Taiwan‘s domestic pig, consumers can eat with peace of mind.

I lose count trying to figure out how many dumplings a bag of Imei handmade frozen dumplings cooks into, but the more we eat, the more delicious it gets, so we demolish a whole bag in one breath. Once we clear the pot, my mom makes a second run to Carrefour for a restock right away. This time, she managed to snatch an even more scrumptious and unique flavour from Imei handmade frozen dumplings series: minced chicken with pickled cucumber. The filling is made of cabbage, chicken and crispy pickled cucumber. The taste is saltier and fattier than the pork & cabbage flavour. The dumplings taste fresh and sweet, the flavours of the sauce in the pickled cucumber enhance the overall layers of the dumplings, even without MSG or preservatives.

Imei Food Taiwan‘s series of handmade-frozen dumplings remind me of the oysters in Canada. Before moving to Canada, I always opted for big oysters. I thought the bigger, the better. It wasn’t until I went to an oyster restaurant in Montreal that I first learned about oysters. The restaurant owner was a total oyster nerd. She designed her whole restaurant into a oyster museum with the walls remodelled into display cabinets displaying over hundreds of oyster species shells. She explained the differences between various species of oysters with much enthusiasm. I learned that eating oysters is like wine-tasting, not necessarily the bigger or the more, the better. After learning how to shuck oysters in Canada, I fell in love with delicate and tasty small oysters. Imei Foods Taiwan‘s handmade-frozen dumplings are just like delicate oysters, super delicious.

  • Imei Foods Taiwan Handmade Frozen Dumpling Series Openbox Review in a Nutshell:

You know your safe with Imei Foods Taiwan. A kilo of dumplings can feed anybody, the packaging looks like mass production, yet the individual dumplings look 100% handmade by real human-beings. Did I mention the flavours are tasty enough to omit the dipping sauce? For $109NT, I say it is well worth the money!

  • Where to buy Imei Foods Taiwan’s Handmade Frozen Dumpling Series?

Imei Foodshandmade frozen dumpling series are available for purchase online and at all major supermarkets and grocery stores across Taiwan


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