台灣家樂福金品「蘑菇番茄乳酪燉飯」開箱試吃評價食記 / Carrefour King’s Cook Frozen Food Series – “Paella with Mushrooms & Tomatoes” Open Box Review

台灣家樂福金品「蘑菇番茄乳酪燉飯」開箱試吃評價食記 / Carrefour King’s Cook Frozen Food Series – “Paella with Mushrooms & Tomatoes” Open Box Review:

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這週新發現台灣家樂福裡賣的一款超好吃的冷凍食品:「金品調理食品 (King’s Cook)」系列的冷凍即時加熱料理包金品系列的冷凍食品義式料理為主,剛好是殘家的菜。

English version / 英文版:
This week, I discovered an impeccably delicious series of frozen food sold in Carrefour Taiwan: “King’s Cook’s frozen food. King’s Cook offers a series of different frozen foods, with Italian cuisine dishes being its primary products. Luckily for us, Italian cuisine just happens to be our cup of tea.


台灣家樂福金品「蘑菇番茄乳酪燉飯」開箱試吃評價食記 / Carrefour King's Cook Frozen Food Series - "Paella with Mushrooms & Tomatoes" Open Box Review
米蘭多摩大教堂 / Duomo Cathedral, Milano

English version / 英文版:
12 years ago, we’d just arrived in Milan, Italy, for my Master’s. On a perfect sunny day with just the right amount of gentle breeze, we were overwhelmed by beautiful scenes and European architecture we’d never seen before. Every corner we turn makes another postcard-level picturesque scene. The overwhelming emotions transfer me into Disney world. I am now a princess in front of a majestic castle named Duomo.









English version / 英文版:
Who knows, even in a heavenly environment, hidden dangers underlies. Maybe I have PTSD from watching “Home Alone,” even before COVID, the sight of pigeons‘ “gatherings” haunt me. To me, pigeons are practically flying rats. However, with the backdrop of Duomo Cathedral, which is voted one of the world’s most beautiful cathedral architecture, I refuse to snap out of my fantasy. I’m a princess skipping, dancing and twirling in front of a European Royal palace. Even flying mice now look like pure white doves spreading love and happiness at a Royal wedding.


feeding pigeons at Piazza del Duomo
在米蘭多摩大教堂為鴿子 / feeding pigeons at Piazza del Duomo

English version / 英文版:
A friendly local shoves a handful of seeds into my tiny hand, and I’m instantly surrounded by pigeons. Even flying rats look like wedding doves in front of Duomo‘s white cathedral palace. I’m in every little girl’s dream of a perfectly magical wedding. The only thing lacking is my Prince Charming. After skipping, dancing and twirling along with the pigeons for a while, the local asked me for 25 euros. Turns out, hosting a dream wedding is expensive after all, even if it only lasts for a few seconds.








English version / 英文版:
We keep exploring the tourist area down the street and a living statue street performer quite unique from what we’ve seen before. This living statue is the most creative and stylish we’ve ever seen. I took a photo, and it cost me another several euros. It’d only been a few hours, and we’re both exhausted and tired from being ripped off. We hide into Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan‘s oldest shopping gallery covered by an arching glass, seeking refuge from the scary, outside world. We pick a cafe for a cup of tea to quench our thirst from all the sweating.


English version / 英文版:
Outside at Piazza Duomo (Duomo Cathedral square) was the facade of a majestic castle; indoors at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is like walking into a palace with royalty golden interior. We order a cup of tea, and the server serves us a tiny teacup, a saucer and a pot of hot water. On the saucer is one tea bag, the same as the ones served free in hostels and hotels. We sip our bland tea while people-watching, waiting for the next dumb tourist to put on a good pigeon-feeding show as we did. When we finally finished our tasteless tea, the cafe bills us 7 euros. Turns out, we were the only dumb tourists with defective brains. Fortunately, I got a heads up from a local the night before, informing me Italians don’t tip. Otherwise, the thoughtful Canadian in me would’ve put down another 2 Euros or 3. At this point, our trauma requires a sorcerer to heal.

好死不死,中餐時間到。在迴廊裡看到一家麥當勞,吃麥當勞總不會再讓我們傾家蕩產吧? 但是PRADA旁邊的麥當勞分享著隔壁PRADA一樣金色的裝潢,立刻升級成皇室餐廳英文有一句諺語:「Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me(意旨:「騙我一次是你可恥. 騙我兩次,是我自己可恥」)。我們已經面子碎滿地,撿回來都拼不起來了,咱倆黃皮膚在西方世界打仗絕對佔下風,於是決定遵照中國人自古的治理戰術,「三十六策,走為上計」,逃離DUOMO觀光地標才是上上之策。

台灣家樂福金品「蘑菇番茄乳酪燉飯」開箱試吃評價食記 / Carrefour King's Cook Frozen Food Series - "Paella with Mushrooms & Tomatoes" Open Box Review
米蘭「艾曼紐二世迴廊」裡的麥當勞 / McDonald’s in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano

English version / 英文版:
Guess what? It’s time for lunch. We spot a McDonald‘s inside the galleria. McDonald‘s cannot possibly rip us off, right? However, this McDonald’s shares the same golden palace decor as the adjacent PRADA store, making it look like a dining room inside a royal palace. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. ” We have been humiliated to the point there’s no more face to lose. I wave my white flag in this war of two ignorant Asians against a whole world of Europeans. I decide to stay true to my roots and follow the ancient ChineseThirty-Six Stratagems.” Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best (If all else fails, retreat).” We flea the tourist landmark full of shocking events.

我們步行兩條街,應該走到安全地帶了吧?我們經過一家家庭式的小餐館,裝潢簡陋,座位也沒幾張。這天天氣晴,戶外座位僅有的一張,似乎是為我們而設,我們享受著「AL FRESCO(戶外)」用餐。我們警覺的點了一道價錢應該不會又讓我們嚇到尿褲子的義大利人的家常便飯:「千層麵」。嚐一口後,殘編在還沒學到一句意大利話之前,就學會了義大利人的「BUONO(好吃)」招牌手勢,大聲親了自己的手指叫好吃。從此之後,「千層麵」就成為殘編殘媽共同最愛的菜色之一。

English version / 英文版:
We hiked two blocks and passed a few alleyways, thinking it was about far enough for us to be in the safe zone. A humble little trattoria with only a few tables has its only patio table vacant, so we take it. Excited to enjoy our first “al frescomeal in the authentic Italian world. For the whole cultural experience, we ordered Italian‘s humble home-cooked lasagna. I shyt you not, that hell of a scrumptious lasagna made me learn Italian hand gestures before I know a word of Italian. I kiss my fingers and yell, “Buono!”
Ever since then, “lasagna” has become one of the favourite dishes of my mom’s and mine.


English version / 英文版:
Fast forward to over a decade now, we still bring it up often, especially when we’re eating. “Remember that lasagna in Milan?” “Ah, I am dying for one right now!” Since Taiwan‘s households aren’t equipped with legit ovens, we can’t make lasagne at home, so we have been searching for a legitimate lasagna for the past 12 years. We tried freshly made lasagne at top-rated Italian restaurants across Taipei, frozen food from various grocery stores and brands. None of them come close to our experience in Milan.

  • 「金品調理食品」系列冷凍食品開箱 / King’d Cook Frozen Food Open Box:


這次開箱金品調理食品」系列的兩道冷凍食品:「蘑菇番茄乳酪燉飯」和「鮮蔬海鮮燉飯殘編今天要特別為粉絲們介紹的是「蘑菇番茄乳酪燉飯」(“Paella withMushrooms &Tomatoes“)這道。


English version / 英文版:
Our open box today includes 2 dishes from King’s Cook‘s series of frozen food. “Risotto with Seafood & Vegetables” and “Paella with Mushrooms & Tomatoes.” I’ll be focusing on the “Paella with Mushrooms & Tomatoes” in this post, which is impeccable.


English version / 英文版:
At first glance, the packaging has an autograph of who looks like a celebrity chef dressed in full-on chef wear as their spokesperson, adding credit to the product. After a closer look, the person wearing a domineering high chef’s hat on the package is actually the R&D director of King’s Cook. After a taste of the product, we agree that whoever is on that packaging deserves a chef’s hat higher than a Michelin-starred chef.

  • 金品義式料理冷凍食品改良版,台灣人最愛的口味 / King’s Cook Italisn Frozen Food Catered to Taiwanese Favourite:


English version / 英文版:
If you know European cuisine, you understand that a legit risotto‘s rice has a firmer centre, which Taiwanese people often misunderstand as the rice being undercooked as they are accustomed to eating japonica rice. King’s Cook’s: “Paella with Mushrooms & Tomatoes” can be described as turning risotto into your mama’s favourite homemade lasagna.
From the moment you take that paella fresh out of the oven, aromas of cheese flood the room. Once we dig in, we realize this “paella” is made with Taiwanese japonica rice, so you won’t chip a tooth when biting into it. Garlic and onions are cooked until completely melted into the rice. Fresh tomatoes are cooked until soft, also almost melting into the rice. Mixed mushrooms add texture and a refreshing touch. An abundance of mozzarella cheese makes the dish stringy and irresistible. The finishing touch of black pepper enhances the flavours. Our minds are blown by how much this dish tastes like the lasagna in Milan. My mind is transported back to Piazza del Duomo in Milan, where I skip, dance and twirl happily in front of the majestic church in my couture ballroom dress.

  • 時尚高潮金品「蘑菇番茄乳酪燉飯」總評價 / Fashion Ecstasy King’s Cook’s “Paella with Mushrooms & Tomatoes” Review in a Nutshell:


English version / 英文版:
After some research, I found out that King’s Cook‘s series of frozen food includes more than just Italian risottos. In addition to rice meals, King’s Cook also offers an array of frozen pasta, pizzas, dim sums and bread. With all these high-quality instant meals, I’m looking forward to an easier #StayHome and #StaySafe while fighting the pandemic this year. We’ll be continuing to share our reviews as we try them all. Meanwhile, subscribe to our blog and website via the right sidebar (do not use the pop-up widget on the lower-left corner, it doesn’t work) and confirm in the auto email sent to you, so you don’t miss our posts!

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